Enjoy Original Cocktails by Top Bartenders During “Tokyo Cocktail 7 Days 2023”

Now in its seventh year, “Tokyo Cocktail 7 Days” allows visitors to enjoy cocktails created especially for the event by top bartenders from 87 participating restaurants and bars at a special price. Village will also open on Saturday, Oct. 28 Sunday, Oct. 29. You can enjoy 5 free amazing cocktails each day at the POP UP BAR featuring 10 brands. THE LIVELY BAR TOKYO AZABUJUBAN, a bar on the hotel’s 9th floor, is also participating this year by offering original cocktails.

This year’s theme is “cocktail trip.” Why not use cocktails as an opportunity to enjoy bars even more?
Cocktail Passport holders can enjoy original cocktails at THE LIVELY BAR TOKYO AZABUJUBAN and other participating bars for just 1,100 yen (excluding tax)! This is a great opportunity for those who usually visit bars, as well as for those who are new to bars, to stop by and enjoy a cocktail at a bar.

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Located on the 9th floor of the hotel, THE LIVELY BAR is open to both guests and walk-in customers. The bar offers a wide range of cocktails, including signature cocktails such as the Azabujuban Onsen and the Otona Melon Soda.

What is “Tokyo Cocktail 7 Days?

This is a craft cocktail festival where you can enjoy a casual bar experience. There are two main ways to enjoy the event: “Village and Bar,” where you can attend the event at the POP UP BAR, and “Bar,” where you can enjoy original cocktails at 87 participating bars at a great price.

「Village and Bar」

A 2-Days cocktail event at Tennoz Isle on Saturday, Oct. 28 from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 29 and 29 from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., where each person can enjoy up to 5 cocktails from 10 POP UP BARs.


87 of Tokyo’s hottest bars and restaurants are participating in the event. The event comes with a coupon for 1,100 yen (not including the service charge), which can be used at the participating bars. THE LIVELY BAR TOKYO AZABUJUBAN will be here! The period of the event is from Thursday, Oct. 26 to Sunday, Nov 5.

Click here for the official Tokyo Cocktail 7 Days website.

Four Original Cocktails Created for Tokyo Cocktail 7 Days

Don Fruity

Inspiration for cocktail creation: the seaside of Okinawa
A fruity, easy-to-drink tequila-based cocktail with rooibos tea and passion fruit.

Cucumber & Pear Fizz Cucumber & Pear Fizz

Inspiration for cocktail creation: THE LIVELY BAR TOKYO AZABUJUBAN terrace
A new cocktail based on gin and tonic, combining the aroma of cucumber and the mellowness of pear.

Italian X 33

Inspiration for cocktail creation: Italy, where X liqueur is produced
Tropical V RATED, a spumante with the glamour of orchids.

Baked Banana Coffee

Inspiration for cocktail creation: coffee shop
Queen of cocktails: the Manhattan with cocoa, banana and coffee.

Profile of bartender Tatsuaki Sakima, creator of this cocktail.

Head bartender at THE LIVELY BAR TOKYO AZABUJUBAN. Originally from Okinawa, he came to Tokyo to pursue his passion for mixology and become the best bartender in the world. After years of experience managing bars and working in various clubs, he has proven himself as a professional bartender by placing in the top 50 of the Japanese ranking in the 2019 WORLD CLASS JAPAN bartender competition. At the bar, he creates unique and delicious cocktails that can only be found here. Come by and try our original cocktails for yourself.

2016 “London Century Club” Guest Bartender

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