2024-05-24 | Restaurant

Discover Our Top Breakfast Picks: Ryukyu-Mexican Fusion & Classic Favorites

Since April of last year, the ESTINATE LOUNGE Naha has been serving colorful and healthy dishes that combine Mexican cuisine with Okinawan ingredients and cooking methods, under the concept of “Ryukyu-Mexican Fusion.” These dishes have been highly praised by both locals and travelers.

The restaurant ESTINATE LOUNGE NAHA has fully revamped its breakfast menu, introducing classic Mexican breakfast items like “Huevos Rancheros” and “The Island Torta” while upgrading the popular “Dutch Pancakes” and “Taco Rice”. Experience an unprecedented fusion of Okinawan and Mexican flavors.

Freestyle Mexican Classics: ‘Huevos Rancheros’ and ‘The Island Torta’

(Left: Huevos Rancheros, Right: The Island Torta)

Huevos Rancheros is a classic Mexican breakfast dish. The name means “ranch eggs” and it consists of tortillas lightly coated with tomato sauce and cheese, topped with Okinawan black sugar teriyaki chicken and a fried egg. This is served with homemade tomato sauce and chili con carne, making for a flavorful and colorful dish. You can enjoy it in various ways, such as wrapping the chicken in a tortilla or eating it with crispy chips for a personalized taste.

Torta is a common Mexican sandwich, filled with plenty of vegetables. “The Island Torta” includes traditional ingredients like lettuce and tomato, along with Okinawan additions like spam and sweet potatoes, offering an interesting texture and flavor variation.

Upgraded Popular Breakfasts: ‘Dutch Pancakes’ and ‘Taco Rice’

(Left: Banana Chocolate Dutch Pancakes, Right: Ryukyu Seafood Taco Rice)

Dutch Pancakes are freshly baked upon order, served with bananas and hazelnut sauce, drizzled with chocolate sauce over vanilla ice cream and soy milk whipped cream for a richer, fuller flavor. The equally popular Okinawan must-try Taco Rice features taco meat made with seafood from Okinawa Prefecture, paired with plenty of vegetables for a refreshing and substantial breakfast option.

The Less Perfect the Journey, the More Fun’ – Original Shima Map Placemats Included with Your Meal

We believe that rather than having a detailed travel plan, leaving room for spontaneity leads to more unexpected encounters and discoveries, making the journey even more enjoyable. The idea of the Shima map came from our staff, aiming to foster interaction between guests, locals, and staff, and make the hotel a starting point for exploring Okinawa. In addition to offering Ryukyu-Mexican fusion breakfast, we hope to provide a new way of experiencing Okinawa through unique dining and interactions. The Shima map placemats, created by illustrator Ryu Ambe, introduce recommended spots around Naha. This map was created during the hotel’s 2021 event “HELLO NEW WORLD,” when he visited Naha.

Savor Traditional Okinawan Desserts – ‘Sata Andagi’ – Paired with Drinks from the Self-Serve Beverage Bar!

A perfect breakfast wouldn’t be complete without delicious drinks. Our beverage bar features coffee made with beans roasted by the famous coffee shop ‘COFFEE potohoto’ in Okinawa’s Sakaemachi Market, tropical mango juice, and fruit herbal tea for a delightful experience. Additionally, don’t miss out on the traditional Okinawan dessert “Sata Andagi” (similar to fried doughnuts), a beloved treat among locals, definitely worth trying!

ESTINATE LOUNGE Naha Updated Breakfast Overview

Start Date: From Monday, April 1, 2024

Availability: As part of a breakfast-included accommodation plan or as a single order

Location: ESTINATE HOTEL Naha 1st floor “ESTINATE LOUNGE Naha”

Service Hours: 7:00 – 10:30 (Last order at 10:30)

Contents: Huevos Rancheros, The Island Torta, Banana Chocolates Dutch Pancakes, Ryukyu ‘Seafood’ Taco Rice with self-serve Beverage Bar!

Price: Single order breakfast ¥1,650 (tax included), no reservations

Breakfast accommodation booking URL: Click to reserve.

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