2024-07-08 | Hotel Plans

Group Getaway: Explore Our Bunk Room for Six

Hello! This is Keita from HOTEL GRAPHY SHIBUYA!

We are pleased to announce that we have started offering a Bunk Room that can accommodate up to six guests. Let me introduce what a Bunk Room is like and how you can enjoy your stay there!

What kind of room is a bunk room?

A bunk room is a guest room equipped with six beds (three bunk beds) and a personal locker for each guest to store their belongings. The room also includes a refrigerator, allowing guests to store purchased groceries and other items.

Each locker contains a face towel, bath towel, slippers, and a toothbrush. Shared bathrooms and toilets are available on each floor, with shampoo, conditioner, and body soap provided.

Ways to Enjoy a Bunk Room

★Bunk room filled with a sense of secret hideaway

Unlike staying in a shared dormitory where you interact with other guests, in our bunk room, it’s just you. You’ll have the whole space for you and your travel partners, creating a cozy atmosphere reminiscent of a secret hideout. Here, you can relax and freely share nostalgic memories or discuss tomorrow’s travel plans for as long as time allows. Let’s spend an exciting and thrilling night in this bunk room full of anticipation and excitement.

★Let’s enjoy rental items!

HOTEL GRAPHY SHIBUYA offers rental games such as Biri Biri Game and Crocodile Panic that can be enjoyed in the guest rooms. Spend a fun time with friends in your room!

Additionally, they provide a variety of rental items including beauty appliances like hair irons. If you’re interested, please contact the front desk. You can also order them through mobile access.

Feel free to use our common areas

★Share dishes at the restaurant!

On the hotel’s 1st floor, you’ll find “Graphic Grill & Bar,” a modern American restaurant designed around the concept of “playing with multiplication,” stimulating adult curiosity.

They offer a variety of dishes like Jersey beef burgers and donut chicken that are both delicious and visually appealing. Sharing with friends is recommended for enjoying a wide range of menu items!

How about enjoying the atmosphere of the bar while savoring our signature cocktails at the counter seats in the evening?

For birthdays, we can also prepare a dessert plate! Please contact the hotel in advance to arrange.

★Cheers with free beer!

Every day from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM, we offer complimentary beer exclusively for hotel guests at the 1st-floor restaurant, “Graphic Grill & Bar”. After a long journey or before dinner, join us for a toast with Kirin Heartland draft beer! Enjoy this time to relax, interact with our staff, and mingle with other guests.

★Enjoy blissful moments at our exclusive top-floor lounge reserved for hotel guests

The top-floor lounge and terrace are accessible 24 hours a day for hotel guests only. You can play billiards at any time. Why not gather around the pool table with everyone and engage in a friendly game?

After a game of billiards, choose your favorite free drink from the refreshment corner in the lounge, then head out to the terrace to enjoy views of Shibuya’s streets while sharing travel memories.

Why not create lifelong memories with your dear friends during your stay at HOTEL GRAPHY SHIBUYA?

For reservations of our bunk room exclusive plan

\New opening in March 2024/Bunkroom exclusive plan|Hotel stay in Shibuya with friends (Stay without meals)

\New opening in March 2024/Exclusive bunk room plan|Hotel stay in Shibuya with friends (breakfast included)

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