2023-10-26 | Media

Introducing the Lively Scent: LIVELY HOTELS’ Original Natural Fragrance!

LIVELY HOTEL’S first original aroma, a blend of 14 natural ingredients, was created following the theme of “the exuberance of traveling and being yourself.” Since March 2023, we have offered stay plans where you can enjoy the fragrance of lustrous flowers and mellow woods at home with the aim of allowing you to remember your stay at LIVELY HOTELS through not your sense of sight, but your sense of smell.

THE LIVELY original aroma was developed with the goal of connecting experiences and memories, creating a place for travelers who seek a place where they can update themselves.

The soft, sweet and lustrous floral aroma of a luxurious blend of ylang-ylang, geranium and jasmine, blended with unique spices such as lime, coriander and ginger, and enveloping gentle citrus and mellow woods, creates a glamorous and modern impression. Your stay at THE LIVELY should not just be new and exciting, but also a place where you can be yourself anywhere and at any time.

The fragrance, which is light-hearted and uplifting while at the same time respecting your individuality, will mark your experience at THE LIVELY in your memory and add depth to your memories.

THE LIVELY Original Aroma Fragrance Characteristics

Ylang-Ylang: Sweet and floral fragrance
(Fragrance functions: anti-stress, calming, uplifting, etc.)

Geranium: Sweet and refreshing fragrance
Calming (Fragrance functions: anti-stress, relaxing, etc.)

Hawood: warm, woody fragrance
Comfort and gentleness (Fragrance functions: sedative, anti-stress, tonic)

Lime: Fresh, fresh fragrance with a slight bitterness
Lightness, sophistication, modernity (organoleptic function: antibacterial, digestive, tonic)

Coriander: Slightly sweet and spicy woody fragrance
Calming (Fragrance functions: anti-stress, calming)

Others: Bergamot, mandarin, cypress, jasmine, ginger, palmarosa, cedarwood, clove, vetiver

A stay plan with a gift of air mist to enjoy the fragrance in your room or at home is now available!

The spray-type air mist, which covers a wide space with just one pump, comes in a lightweight, break-proof and easy-to-carry bottle.

During your stay, you can enjoy the scent of THE LIVELY while relaxing in your room or going to bed. You can also enjoy the fragrance at home after you leave.

Original Goods Perfect as Gifts

Two types of THE LIVELY original aroma goods are available. They are available at the front desk of each hotel and can be taken home as a memento of your trip.

They are also available at the LIVELY HOTELS official store (https://shop.livelyhotels.com/).

■THE LIVELY Original Aroma Stick Diffuser 100ml (5 sticks)
<6,600 yen(tax included>

This is a diffuser with a special stick inserted into the bottle through a hole in the silver cap to spread the fragrance into the space. It can be used for approximately one month.

It comes in a stylish box with THE LIVELY logo, making it a great gift idea.

(Official store: http://bit.ly/3ZQZ0Bc)

■THE LIVELY Original Aroma Air Mist 30ml
<1,600 yen(tax included>

Spray it in your space with a single pump to spread the fragrance. It is in a lightweight, break-proof, easy-to-carry bottle type.

Enjoy the fragrance at your leisure.

(Official store: http://bit.ly/3JF4Qja)

Since the holidays are coming up, why not purchase a bottle of our air mist or diffuser during your stay to give to someone special at home? You can also buy it for yourself as a little reminder of your time with LIVELY HOTELS.

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