Join the “ECHO HOURS” Traveler Exchange Event at The Millennials Kyoto and Enjoy Coffee and Wine From Popular Machiya Cafe

Free entry for easy participation. Indulge in special event menus featuring autumn’s seasonal ingredients.

At The Millennials Kyoto, we are excited to host the “ECHO HOURS” event on November 24, 2023 (Friday).

The “ECHO HOURS” event, sharing the charm of Kyoto with travelers from around the world

The Millennials Kyoto, a lifestyle capsule hotel located in Kyoto, a city visited by tourists from around the world, is pleased to announce the “ECHO HOURS” event. Serving a diverse array of global travelers, as well as being utilized by the local community through its co-working space “andwork.” The Millennials Kyoto seeks to foster a connection between the world travelers and the local community.

This fall, we are hosting the “ECHO HOURS” event to bring together travelers from around the world and the local community. As a free-entry event, it provides an opportunity for the local community to easily join us. We invite you, your family and friends to join us at this event.

The main highlight of the event is a pop-up shop featuring popular local establishments. ARCHI coffee and wine, a Kyoto machiya (traditional townhouse) cafe renowned for its exquisite wine and coffee, will be presenting their specialties. Alongside their signature offerings like Natural Wine and Drip Coffee, they will provide an exclusive event menu, including a coffee cocktail Cold Brew x Negroni featuring the Japanese gin HOLON, as well as tacos made with Kyoto vegetables sourced from Kameoka city, and chips made from autumn seasonal vegetables such as sweet potatoes and pumpkins. Experience The Millennials Kyoto’s recommended local gems, not found in guidebooks or tourist sites, in the open and diverse space of the hotel lounge. We look forward to welcoming you to this casual and enjoyable event.

Additionally, we are conducting the “Someone’s Kyoto” project, an original map creation initiative launched in July of this year, allowing participants to view Kyoto from someone else’s perspective. Designed by Kyoto-born illustrator Natsumi Hasegawa, the base map is open for participants to add their favorite spots, updating the map collaboratively. For this second edition, we are collecting spots under the theme of “Comfortable Spaces You Want to Visit Regularly.” Participants contribute their chosen spots, and together, we complete the map. This activity is perfect for those who wish to share the charm of Kyoto from their perspective and those seeking international exchanges with guests from abroad. Once the spots contributed by participants are added, they will be exhibited in the lounge, delivering new discoveries and information to our staying and visiting guests.

Moreover, at the event, Kyoto-based DJs will create a calming atmosphere with a DJ play focusing on Modern City Pop, R&B, and more. With a drink and light snacks in hand, guests can relax in a casual setting and rediscover and share the unique charm of Kyoto in a communicative environment exclusive to The Millennials Kyoto.

Event Name: ECHO HOURS

Date and Time: November 24, 2023 (Friday) 6:30 p.m. – 10 p.m. (Entry and exit allowed during the event)

Location: The Millennials Kyoto, 8F Lounge

Admission: Free

Registration: Event Registration


  • ARCHI coffee and wine Profile

Opened in 2022, this 80-year-old machiya (traditional Kyoto townhouse) has been gradually transformed by its owners into a place where visitors can appreciate the changes over time, bridging the gap between the past and present. The interior, exuding the nostalgic charm of Kyoto’s culture, captivates people from both Japan and around the world. Serving as more than just a ‘cafe’ offering coffee, wine, and baked goods, it has become a community space transcending generational, gender, and nationality boundaries.


Pop-up Shop Menu:

  • Tacos with Kyoto Vegetables (6 varieties, 400 yen – 600 yen) Event Exclusive
  • Chips featuring Autumn’s Finest Ingredients, such as Sweet Potatoes and Pumpkins (600 yen – 700 yen) Event Exclusive
  • Irish Coffee (1,000 yen)
  • Cold Brew × Negroni (1,000 yen) Event Exclusive
  • Natural Wine (1,000 yen)
  • Drip Coffee (700 yen – 750 yen)

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