2024-01-18 | Event

NEO COUNTDOWN 2023→2024: Recap of THE LIVELY OSAKA HONMACHI New Year Countdown Party

Wishing you a Happy New Year! This is THE LIVELY OSAKA HONMACHI staff.

We’re excited to share the highlights of our year-end event, “NEO COUNTDOWN ~An Adult Night Market and Underground Festival~,” held to close out 2023!

The event took place in two locations: the entrance lobby area on the 1st floor and “THE UNDERGROUND” on the basement floor. On the 1st floor, an adult-oriented night market reminiscent of traditional Japanese festivals unfolded, while the basement featured a festive dance hall in an otherworldly setting. Both spaces offered a unique NEO (new) perspective, allowing everyone to enjoy the atmosphere reminiscent of Japanese festivals with a modern twist. Keep reading for more details and highlights from this memorable event!

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Food & Drink

This time, in the spirit of New Year’s, we’ve rolled up soba noodles for a special “Rolling Soba with Truffle” and crafted a colorful and cute dessert called “NEO Choco Banana” – two unique offerings!

Our hotel’s French chef has ingeniously created NEO-inspired dishes and desserts, and they were met with tremendous enthusiasm!

In addition to regular drinks, there was also a surprise with the Random Drink Gacha – you never knew what you would get! The grand prize? A tequila shot! Everyone was both excited and nervous as they took on the challenge.

The original cocktail featuring Ramune, a unique Japanese soda, sold out in an instant.


Weight Guessing

If you could guess the koban, or Japanese oval gold coin used during the Edo-period, weight at exactly 333g, you would receive an extravagant New Year’s gift! While carefully aiming for the perfect weight, everyone watched the staff’s reactions and took their chances. A guest from overseas successfully guessed the exact 333g without any margin of error!!

Shooting Gallery

After huge success at the last event, we hosted the ever-popular shooting gallery. This time, participants chose their weapon based on a random roll of dice. Weapons included guns, archery, ping pong balls and more. While everyone was struggling with the final boss’s top prize, a group of girl friends managed to hit the jackpot!

Snack Fishing

When it comes to enjoying drinks, snacks are a must! Instead of traditional yo-yo fishing, participants lifted up their favorite snacks with a hook.

There were even some creative individuals who held the hook in their mouth and lifted it up using this innovative technique.


A calligraphy performance by the calligraphy artist Mao was accompanied by loud techno music. Overseas visitors were overwhelmed by the calligraphy performance, experiencing it for the first time. The character “一瞬” (isshun or moment) symbolizes the fleeting nature of time, expressing the intention to cherish and live each moment as 2024 swiftly passes by.






The underground space transformed into a festive dance hall within a background of red. From the first floor, an unimaginable otherworldly stage awaits, inviting everyone to drink, dance and revel in the lively celebration.

Sound & Vision

Underground, the music curated by Filipino DJ “NEDTEK,” who knew the tunes that resonate with international guests, had the crowd in high spirits. Adding to the experience, a VDJ kept the visuals engaging, creating excitement as people lined up for the elevator to enter the underground space. The festivities marked a grand celebration, with a multitude of guests bidding farewell to 2023 and welcoming the start of 2024!

At midnight, the excitement reached its peak with a champagne tower.

We had a great start together with everyone in 2024.

We look forward to creating lots of wonderful memories with our guests at THE LIVELY OSAKA HONMACHI in the coming year.

Our staff is eagerly awaiting your visit!

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