2023-11-30 | Event

Recap of THE LIVELY TOKYO AZABUJUBAN’s 4th Anniversary Event “LIVELY REVOLUTION Heisei Retro de Night”

Hello! I’m Nakane, a staff member at THE LIVELY TOKYO AZABUJUBAN. Thanks to everyone, THE LIVELY TOKYO AZABUJUBAN had a successful celebration of its 4th anniversary, which was on November 1st! In this post I’ll share the highlights of the 4th-anniversary event, “LIVELY REVOLUTION Heisei Retro de Night,” which took place on Saturday, November 4th.

The event focused on the “Heisei” era, transforming various elements such as retro music and food into THE LIVELY’s elegant and lovely style, expressing the unique “Heisei Retro” vibes of THE LIVELY.

We hope that those who read this recap can savor the feeling of being part of the event!

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High-energy Crowd with the Help of Famous DJs!

The dance floor was in high spirits with a selection of remixes of songs from the early to mid-Heisei era! The lounge instantly transformed into the atmosphere of the Heisei era with a mix of Western and Japanese music. Even the front desk underwent a nostalgic transformation resembling a dance floor!

Performers: DJ KRO / Yabe Yuna / DJ HASEBE

Nostalgic Heisei Retro Games

We prepared nostalgic activities such as arm wrestling, retro video games and karaoke machines. The arm wrestling showdown with the bar staff was a heated battle and a great success!

Guests using the video games and karaoke machines enjoyed themselves like they had returned to their student days, battling against their friends!

Exclusive Original Food Only Available Here

We prepared an original food menu for the 4th-anniversary event. The menu, created with collaboration from the LIVELY HOTELS food and beverage teams in Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo, was entirely original. It received high praise not only from the guests but also from the staff!

♦ Menu ♦

  • “Nikuffuru” – Waffle made by pressing meat buns, served with a truffle-scented sauce, inspired by the waffle trend in the Heisei era
  • THE LIVELY top bartender’s concocted cocktails: “Nata de Coco” and “Tapicchai”

Fun Memories for the Body! Nostalgic Temporary Tattoos

We distributed temporary tattoos featuring pixel art reminiscent of Heisei-era retro designs. The LIVELY logo was also very popular! The designs were so cute that it made people reluctant to wash them off when they got home.

How was it? We hope you could enjoy the atmosphere of the 4th-anniversary event even just a little! LIVELY HOTELS regularly hosts fun events like this so please drop by if you’re ever nearby. Our staff looks forward to welcoming you!

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