Explore Kawasaki’s Gritty Side with A Special Night Tour of the City’s Industrial Belt

Fans of steampunk and heavy industrial complexes rejoice! Kawasaki (just south of Tokyo) boasts some of Japan’s most gritty and electrifying night views of industrial zones. Viewing factories is curiously enough an increasingly popular hobby in Japan and visitors to Tokyo who want a local experience that’s off the beaten path won’t want to miss this. I mean, just look at these wild views:

It can be difficult to access these remote industrial zones even by car, so your best move is to stay at /slash Kawasaki for a night and sign up for a tour that takes you right to the best viewing spots. Just check in your heavy bags at the front desk, grab your camera and prepare for some of the wildest industrial night views of your life.

Here are our two recommended tours for a smooth trip to steampunk paradise:

WILLER EXPRESS BUS TOUR’s Kawasaki Factory Night View Course
Kawasaki Super Factory Night View Cruise

…And last but not least, be sure to book your accommodation  /slash Kawasaki
If you’d like to depart from Tokyo and end your night in Kawasaki, WILLER EXPRESS also offers a three and a half hour bus ride from Tokyo Station that passes by Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge on the way to Kawasaki’s industrial areas. The views are other-worldly and each factory and plant comes in an array of sizes with all sorts of different dramatic lighting. The bus staff also explains the differences about each factory, but since the explanations are in Japan you may need a Japanese speaking friend to translate for you into English. The first floor of the bus is equipped with a French kitchen and you can sit together with your loved ones on the second floor and enjoy incredible French cuisine and incredible views out of the clear glass roof. The dimly lit interior features a design inspired by Tokyo’s expansive skyline is classy, but also not distracting from the amazing views on the other side of the glass.


WILLER EXPRESS Restaurant Bus Plan:

One Adult: ¥12,800~
Route: Departs Tokyo Station In Front of the Maru Building at 18:00 → Tokyo Tower → Rainbow Bridge → Ogimachi → Mizuecho(Includes a 10-minute stop to get off the bus and look around) → Tamagawa Sky Bridge → Shut Expressway Kawasaki Line (K6) → Arrives at  Kawasaki Station East Exit at 21:30.
Course Length: 3.5 Hours (Depending on traffic)

Please refer to the WILLER TRAVEL website for information on days of operation and about food served. 

(From left to right: Tokyo Tower, Shuto Expressway Kawasaki Line. Photo by WILLER EXPRESS)

For those who aren’t fans of the bus, there’s good news! You can also take the Kawasaki Industrial Belt Night Cruise and view these Kawasaki factories in all their glory from the ocean on the Yokohama Sea Bus! https://www.yokohama-cruising.jp/contents/seabass.html

(Credits: THE PORT SERVICE CORP. All Rights Reserved.)

There’s two types of brand new boats (the SEA BASS ACE ZERO or the HYDRO BIGNO-GO) that take you out to the Daishi Canal where you can see the amazing views of Kawasaki’s industrial belt from the water. Both boats are equipped with either a rooftop deck or a side deck so you can take in the whole scene without any obstacles. The bus staff also explains the differences about each factory, but since the explanations are in Japan, once again, you may want to consider taking along a Japanese speaking friend to translate for you into English.

(Credits: THE PORT SERVICE CORP. All Rights Reserved.)

Kawasaki Super Industrial Night Cruise:
One Adult: ¥4500/ Children: ¥3000 (tax included)
Days of Operation: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 19:00-20:30.
Departs from Yokohama Hammerhead Port.
Course Length: 90 Minutes. 
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Accomodation Information:
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Just a five minute walk from the JR Tokaido Line “Kawasaki Station” and Keihin Kyuko “Kawasaki Station
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