Step into a Winter Wonderland: Shinya Chisato’s Enchanting Exhibition at UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU

UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU embraces its role as a cultural and informational hub, sharing the charm of Hokkaido through a unique perspective. As part of this initiative, the hotel introduced the UNWIND GALLERY in November last year, using the enchanting space created by renovating a historical building into a contemporary redesign. The gallery focuses on showcasing works by artists connected to Hokkaido. Embracing the theme of “Classic Contemporary,” the hotel plans contemporary art exhibitions and has garnered attention from local media and fashion magazines.

For the sixth edition, the hotel presents an exhibition by Shinya Chisato, a Hokkaido-based artist known for expressing a fantastical world through Nordic-inspired illustrations. Immerse yourself in the enchanting art experience woven by the vibrant works enhancing the snowy landscapes of Otaru, where history and modernity gracefully converge.

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A Peaceful Gift from LOMP” by Shinya Chisato

This exhibition revolves around the theme “A peaceful gift ~Heartfelt presents~,” featuring the artwork from the artist Shinya Chisato’s first self-produced “Musical Picture Book LOMP.” “LOMP” is an imaginary creature created by Chisato, residing in the subterranean depths of the Arctic. The selected works of LOMP, curated to align with the snowy season in Otaru, evoke a sense of endearment towards the winter chill and snowy landscapes, warming the hearts of viewers. The exhibition includes tapestries printed on fabric and a variety of artworks with different expressions created using acrylic hand-painting on canvas, as well as a mix of cutouts and acrylic. Chisato said, “I want people to feel the size of LOMP, the life-size enjoyable creatures that cannot be portrayed in a picture book, and immerse themselves in the winter scenery and imaginative world to experience happiness.” The exhibition, filled with Chisato’s heartfelt intentions, will be showcased until December 25th, accompanied by a Christmas tree approximately 3 meters high at the hotel entrance, creating a more fantastical ambiance. Feel free to drop by during your stroll through Otaru, as part of your winter date, or for a brief escape into the world of imagination.

Shinya Chisato’s Commentary

The theme of the “Musical Picture Book LOMP” is “time to imagine.” At the beginning of the book, it says, “Today, somewhere, something is being born. To receive the countless gifts given to the soul infinitely, on this star, on that star, and even tens of thousands of light years away…” I selected items with the wish that they could become gifts of memories for those who come to the hotel, not just for Christmas or Valentine’s Day, but for any occasion.

Shinya Chisato’s Profile

Illustrator based in Sapporo, active both domestically and internationally. Draws creatures imagined from forests and clouds using various techniques. Works include store murals, confectionery packaging, merchandise design, CD jackets, T-shirt design, illustration for children’s books and children’s workshops. Internationally, involved in room decoration at Copenhagen/Hotel FOX and illustrations for Grimm and Andersen in Germany. In recent years, created murals for Shiraoi Mothers Plus and the entrance at Marui Sapporo 3FteppiART. Published the first “Musical Picture Book LOMP” last year.
Instagram: @chisato_shinya

Exhibition Overview

Shinya Chisato “A Peaceful Gift from LOMP”

  • Exhibition Period: December 1, 2023, to February 28, 2024
  • Admission Fee: Free

A paired cocktail with “A Peaceful Gift from LOMP” is available

UNWIND GALLERY at Bar Ignis Otaru: A Blend of Art and Hospitality

UNWIND GALLERY, situated in the hotel’s common area, extends into the hotel bar, Bar Ignis Otaru, making it a unique feature. In conjunction with the current exhibition, we present the “LOMP Irish Coffee” as a special pairing cocktail. This cocktail features a smooth creaminess, Irish whiskey, the hotel’s original blend of coffee and the rich aroma of maple syrup. On top of the cocktail, the character of LOMP, riding the crescent moon depicted in the exhibition pieces, is creatively represented in cocoa. Enjoy the marriage of this original cocktail, which warms both the heart and body during the cold season, with the fantastical artistry of LOMP.

Bar Ignis Otaru has garnered acclaim not only from hotel guests but also from locals who appreciate a place where they can casually indulge in the hotel’s ambiance and art. Revel in the enchanting hotel space and artistry while savoring creative and glamorous cocktails.

LOMP Irish Coffee: 1,400 yen (Tax Included)

The rebirth of a classic hotel! Featuring contemporary design and service that’s sure to enchant travelers, UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU blends modern amenities with a charming atmosphere!

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