However, you are still concerned about the Coronavirus situation and worry you won’t be able to enjoy as you used to?

No worries! Casual hotel usage has gained a lot of attention among students lately. Lively Hotels offers a selection of special plans & discounts for students who love traveling and are eager to travel again.

Instead of karaoke, a date, or a random bar, spend your special time without worrying about your surroundings like you’re at home. Create long-lasting memories with your friends and loved ones while staying at one of our hotels around Japan!


Student Discounts

We offer a unique opportunity for students to enjoy our hotel rooms at a discounted rate.

Having more people in your group will result in a greater discount per person, so it is recommended to book a room with multiple people. 

Rather than worrying about all the mess and cleaning afterward, arrange a casual party in your hotel room.

Free Rental Amenities

There are more than 100 items that you can rent from Lively Hotels, such as karaoke machines, projectors, and Nintendo Switch.

We also offer a variety of cosmetics and other overnight goods.

Students can rent a few items for free with their Student Special Plan.

Make great memories and receive free Polaroids for posting your pictures on social platforms.

Let’s use the hotel like home!

As an alternative to karaoke and drinking at home, why don’t you try a lifestyle hotel, a hot new hangout option?

Lively Hotels offer not only hotel rooms, but also sophisticated lounges, restaurants, and other facilities that you can freely use throughout the day.

Our Student Special Plans are only available through each of Lively Hotels’ official websites.
Make sure to check for the [Student Only] mark when making a reservation!