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Top 10 Bars in Sapporo

Embark on a journey through Sapporo’s vibrant nightlife as we present the Top 10 Bars in this bustling city. Sapporo, known for its rich cultural tapestry and friendly atmosphere, unfolds a diverse array of bars that cater to every taste and preference. From intimate and classic establishments to modern mixology hubs, this guide unveils the finest watering holes where libations, camaraderie, and local charm converge. Whether you’re a seasoned bar enthusiast or a casual explorer, Sapporo’s dynamic bar scene promises an unforgettable experience. Join us as we traverse the city’s diverse neighborhoods, discovering the most captivating bars that contribute to Sapporo’s spirited after-dark ambiance. Raise your glass to a night of revelry and exploration in the cosmopolitan heart of Hokkaido.

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  1. Kinoole
  3. Early Bird
  4. the bar nano.gould
  5. BAR crusta
  6. Bar Tradition
  8. Malt Bar Kirkwall
  9. Karasuno Shosai
  10. Bar Ignis Sapporo


Located in a corner of Susukino, Sapporo, Kinoole is a hidden gem with a second-floor entrance accessible by stairs. The bar’s concept revolves around gin, catering exclusively to gin enthusiasts, especially those fond of craft gin, offering a diverse selection, including rare local options. Kinoole is a rare, perfect for those curious about the Japanese gin craze.


Established in 2020, Bar OWL&ROOSTER has faced challenges during the COVID-19 era but has solidified its position as a must-visit cocktail spot in Sapporo. The bar has a preference for classic drinks with a keen interest in drinking history, boasting vintage bottles like a 1950s Italian amaro. The menu includes absinthe served traditionally, and a list of cocktails titled “Remedy & Cures” offers a variety of options. The bar also accommodates twists on classics, such as the Mezcal Negroni and Solstice Negroni, featuring gin, plum brandy, Kina Liqueur, and orange bitters.

the bar nano.gould

the bar nano.gould offers a chic and delightful ambiance with subdued lighting. They serve cocktails that showcase various ingredients and the charm of Hokkaido. While single malt whiskey isn’t on the menu, they offer a wide selection of official and independent bottlers. Dessert wines are also available for various preferences.

BAR crusta

Opening in 2016, BAR crusta exudes a simple yet tranquil atmosphere. With both counter and table seating, it’s an ideal spot for a casual second-round gathering with a group. The cocktail selection caters to a range of preferences, featuring everything from classic choices to original creations infused with fresh seasonal fruits and unconventional ingredient pairings. In order to make this establishment a regular haunt for patrons of all levels, a nominal cover charge of 500 yen is applied. Whether you’re a bar aficionado or a newcomer, they aim to create a welcoming environment for everyone.

Bar Tradition

Bar Tradition features a calm atmosphere with many counter seats. The bartender, who gained experience working in a hotel on Ishigaki Island in Okinawa before returning to Sapporo, is an adept conversationalist, attentive to multiple customers at once. They serve a great variety of spirits as well as original cocktails. Each cocktail is exceptionally well-crafted, with a high level of dedication and deliciousness. Even if you haven’t decided what to order, you can rely on the bartender’s recommendation based on your preference for refreshing or atmospheric drinks.


COEUR DE LION offers a selection of the world’s four major spirits, including whiskies and brandies. Their skilled mixologists craft unique cocktails daily. As they don’t have a menu, your order will be drawn out from your preferences. Regardless of a vague order or specific preferences—even if it’s a non-alcoholic drink—the bartenders can create something delicious for you.

Malt Bar Kirkwall

Malt Bar Kirkwall offers an extensive whiskey selection from around the world. The owner is knowledgeable and friendly, willing to provide explanations on all the whiskey and give you recommendations on things to do during your travels in Sapporo. The atmosphere is relaxing and cozy.

Karasuno Shosai

Karasuno Shosai is a hidden gem in Susukino. The atmosphere is dim, with black shelves and counter tables. Many books are neatly lined up. It’s a bar where you can quietly read while enjoying your drink, making it a delightful place for book lovers. The scattered lamp lights create a nice ambiance. There were unique cocktails like grilled corn, miso, sesame, etc. (the menu may vary depending on the season). The menu is designed to look like a paperback, and it’s a place where you can feel the attention to detail.

Bar Ignis Sapporo

Bar Ignis Sapporo, located on the rooftop terrace of UNWIND HOTEL&BAR SAPPORO, features antique decor and an impressive selection of cocktails and wines. The cozy environment showcases a one-of-a-kind bonfire to keep you warm and create a fun camping vibe during your night out. Bar Ignis Sapporo welcomes both hotel guests and the general public. Whether you arrive solo or with companions, you are welcome to grab a drink at Bar Ignis Sapporo.

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