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Top Sweet Shops in Osaka

In the vicinity of THE LIVELY OSAKA HONMACHI lies a world of confectionery wonders that await discerning dessert enthusiasts. From the allure of traditional Japanese confections to the global appeal of international desserts, the confectionery landscape near THE LIVELY OSAKA HONMACHI offers a symphony of flavors, each bite promising to satiate even the most discerning palates. Those who want to try wagashi will find shops with 100-year-old histories and those who crave French desserts and cakes will also find satisfaction in the high-quality standards of these staff-recommended sweet shops. Whether you’re a devoted fan of time-honored Japanese treats or an explorer of innovative international desserts, these establishments guarantee an unparalleled and unforgettable experience, making Osaka a sweet haven for those with an insatiable love for all things sugary.

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Gokan, an esteemed establishment situated in the charming Kitahama district along the Tosabori River in Osaka, is a renowned pastry shop specializes in crafting exquisite cakes and sweets, meticulously curated with high-quality ingredients sourced from various regions across Japan. The theme of the shop revolves around creating sweets that resonate with the hearts of the Japanese people, a philosophy evident in their careful selection of flour, cream and fruits. Notably, the use of rice flour in their confections pays homage to the historical significance of the Kitahama area, which was once abundant with rice granaries during the Edo period. Adding to the allure of Gokan is its captivating exterior, housed in a stone-built structure dating back to the Taisho period, originally serving as a bank. This architectural gem is now recognized as a Registered Tangible Cultural Property of Japan, preserving the elegant atmosphere of a bygone era. The second floor has a cake salon, where guests can immerse themselves in a nostalgic Western-style ambiance while savoring not only delectable cakes but also a delightful selection of breakfast and lunch options.

Chocolaterie Coco

Located near Minamikuhoji Temple, Chocolaterie Coco is a quaint shop offering reasonably priced bonbons, with prices starting at approximately 200 yen per piece. The assortment varies based on the day and season, making it an ideal choice for a small yet thoughtful present. The crispy chocolate and the subtly unique basil chocolate are delightful treats that will leave you craving more. The cookies, especially those infused with chocolate, are equally recommended. Beyond its affordability, the chocolates boast delicious flavors and an adorable appearance. Their delightful and mellow taste adds an extra layer of charm.


Bombomy offers exclusively take-out services and a diverse array of flavors available for their egg tarts, making them a sought-after choice for souvenirs. The cheese cream boasts a velvety and luscious texture, avoiding excessive sweetness, with a homemade touch. The melding of warm, melting cheese with the crispiness of the thin cookie dough creates a delightful harmony. Special seasonal tarts crafted for various occasions are also noteworthy, drawing considerable popularity. Despite its petite size, each tart packs a punch of flavor, offering a satisfying treat that also exudes a stylish presentation. The take-home box further enhances the overall aesthetic and convenience for transporting. Additionally, a complimentary cup of coffee sweetens the deal with every tart purchase. It’s worth noting that the narrow road and high foot traffic near the establishment may pose challenges for drivers.

Canele Du Japon

Originating from French confectionery, the canelé boasts a uniquely doughy texture. Amidst the numerous canelé establishments in Osaka, this particular shop stands out as one of the renowned ones, known for its charm. Canele Du Japon sells a variety of canelés, comprising six standard options and two seasonal canelés that rotate each month. The assortment features perennial favorites like the classic white bean paste canelé infused with rum and vanilla, as well as roasted green tea, brown sugar walnut, matcha bean paste, red bean paste and black soybean kinako. Additionally, there are two seasonal canelés that undergo monthly changes, reflecting the flavors of the season. In this summer edition, lemon and grilled corn take the spotlight. The meticulous recipe and temperature control are evident with every purchase, resulting in canelés that are delightfully crunchy on the outside and irresistibly moist on the inside.

Wagashi Isshin

Crafted from a blend of bracken starch and lotus root powder, Wagashi Isshin stands out as a distinctive variety of warabi mochi. This exceptional confection possesses a jelly-like texture combined with a delightful chewiness, enhanced by a subtle sweetness derived from brown sugar. The walnut-infused warabi mochi from this shop is truly exceptional. Given its popularity, especially the walnut variant, it’s advisable to arrive early, as these delectable treats tend to sell out swiftly. The addictive smoothness of their offerings extends to their warabi mochi drinks, available in five flavors, each featuring the delightful inclusion of warabi mochi. Despite the ongoing tapioca craze, this particular selection holds a special place, with the hojicha latte being a standout choice. Beyond warabi mochi, the shop also presents an array of Japanese sweets and apple pie. With various warabi mochi types on offer, each meticulously crafted, the shop accommodates gift packaging as well. To streamline the process and avoid queues, advance reservations with a deposit are welcomed, allowing for a convenient pick-up on the designated date. The versatility of these delicacies is showcased through the option to enjoy them at room temperature, refrigerated or frozen.

Zeroku Hommachi

Shortly after the war, Zeroku Hommachi, once a simple coffee shop, faced challenges in securing sugar due to the scarcity of supplies. In response, they shifted their focus to producing Western sweets, specifically cakes. Over time, this led to the creation of their renowned ice cream, which became a summer delicacy. Initially featuring vanilla, Zeroku’s ice cream selection has expanded to include five delightful flavors: matcha, cocoa, strawberry and zzuki. Since 1913, this ice cream has been cherished by grandparents, passed down through three generations to their grandchildren and loyal customers. Upon entering the establishment, characterized by charming curtains swaying in the gentle breeze, one is transported to a retro Showa era. The restaurant welcomes patrons until 3 p.m., ensuring a comfortable and unhurried dining atmosphere. The staff, displaying genuine kindness, cater to customers with a pleasant demeanor. The ice monaka boasts a crisp exterior enveloping a rich filling. Its milky yet light taste offers a gentle ice cream flavor that proves addictive. The iced coffee, served in a copper cup, exudes a refreshing coolness with a subtle sweetness. In an era where delectable ice cream is readily available at convenience stores, experiencing the old-fashioned charm of Osaka’s Zeroku adds a unique and nostalgic touch to the palate. They offer both dine-in and takeout options.

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