2023-10-26 | Recommendations

Top 3 Wine Spots Near HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU

For wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts seeking a refined experience in the heart of Tokyo, HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU is an ideal base camp. Nestled in the quaint, historical district of Nezu, this lifestyle hotel offers more than just cozy accommodation; it serves as a gateway to a world of exceptional wine experiences. In this article, we invite you to explore the top three wine spots within arm’s reach of HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU. These establishments are not just places to savor the finest vintages but also to embark on a vinous journey that perfectly complements the charm and culture of Nezu.

1. Cise

Located just a two minute walk from HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU, Cise is known for its all-you-can-eat homemade bread and unusual brands of wine from extremely local French productions. The atmosphere inside the restaurant is homely, so you can receive personalized professional recommendations easily and enjoy natural cuisine paired with natural wine. The daily homemade bread matches perfectly with the wine, creating an elegant dining experience.

2. 76vin

76vin is a wine bar with yakitori and otsumami. You can experience wine-tasting in the stylish white-themed café interior that is perfect for solo travelers as well as groups. The yakitori is made with Nasai chicken from Iwate Prefecture, seasoned with red wine sauce and Guerande salt from France. About 100 varieties of wine, mainly Vin Naturel, are served alongside your food. While it may be difficult for women to eat at yakitori restaurants alone, this is a place where women on their own can stroll in and enjoy the wine bar atmosphere.

3. WINE STAND Bouteille

WINE STAND Bouteille is a wine bar, restaurant and event space with wine ranging from high-end to more reasonable prices. It is a restaurant that focuses on the marriage of wine and food. The restaurant is equipped with a magnificent walk-in cellar containing 500-600 bottles of wine from around 300 varieties. One of the perks of the restaurant is that you can freely select wines from there.

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