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Top 4 Italian Restaurants in Azabujuban

In the bustling heart of Azabujuban, where tradition and modernity intersect seamlessly, an exquisite culinary journey awaits enthusiasts of Italian cuisine. You. can try some of the best Italian restaurants in Azabujuban in the vibrant area surrounding THE LIVELY TOKYO AZABUJUBAN. These top Italian restaurants in Tokyo curate menus that reflect authenticity, innovation and a commitment to using premium ingredients. Whether you’re craving the comforting embrace of handmade pasta, the savory allure of wood-fired pizzas or the delicate balance of fresh seafood in traditional dishes, these restaurants bring the essence of Italy to Tokyo.

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The iconic pizzeria Savoy has been serving Neapolitan-style pizzas since its opening in April 1995. Rooted in the principles of maintaining the authenticity of Napoli pizza while adapting to Japan’s seasonal changes, Savoy is dedicated to providing the “best-conditioned pizza” to customers based on the time and ingredients available. Renowned for its affable owner, Kaneko-san, Savoy stands out as a local pizza institution, rivaling those in Italy. The restaurant’s pizzas, including margherita and marinara, feature a distinct style with a thinner cornicione and a notable use of garlic. The lunch set, priced at 1,000 yen, offers a pizza, salad and a drink, making it an appealing option in the Azabujuban area. The 13-seater pizzeria boasts an intimate setting with a wood-fired oven, allowing diners to witness the meticulous pizza-making process. Savoy’s marinara pizza, with thinly sliced garlic, oregano and salt, stands out even without cheese, highlighting the quality of its ingredients. The wood-fired kiln transforms the pizza into a delectable masterpiece. The restaurant also caters to various preferences, including gluten-free options and vegan-friendly dishes. With a jazz-infused ambiance, reminiscent of the famed Harlem jazz club Savoy Ballroom, the pizzeria creates a lively and enchanting atmosphere. Savoy’s dedication to quality, attention to detail and commitment to providing an exceptional dining experience contribute to its status as a go-to destination for pizza enthusiasts in Tokyo.

Nim’s Pizza

Nim’s Pizza is a tylish pizza shop offering a modern and youthful interior with both table and counter seating options. It emphasizes authenticity by recreating the genuine taste of New York pizza, diverging from a mere New York-style imitation. The establishment strives to faithfully replicate the popular flavors found in authentic New York pizzerias, adhering to traditional methods. The showcase features a variety of pizzas, including crispy and chewy round pizzas and thick and fluffy square pizzas. The sauces are meticulously prepared in-house, with a range that extends beyond the standard tomato sauce to include New York-originated vodka sauce, popular spinach sauce and an original tomato bomb sauce. The commitment to respecting New York pizza is evident not only in the style but also in the dedication to delivering genuinely delicious pizzas. The menu showcases a diverse selection of pizzas, each crafted with care to honor the rich pizza tradition of New York.


Pizza Strada, established in September 2011, has become a local favorite known for its traditional Neapolitan-style pizzas. The pizzeria gained recognition by securing the 52nd spot on the prestigious 100 best pizzerias list by 50 Top Pizza in 2022. Furthermore, its unique combination of smoked mozzarella, pecorino, cherry tomatoes and basil earned it the Pizza of the Year 2022 title in the 50 Top Pizza Asia Pacific ranking. While Pizza Strada offers classic choices like margherita and marinara, it also stands out with inventive options such as the wagyu pizza featuring minced wagyu beef, mushrooms, jalapenos and cheese. The restaurant’s inviting atmosphere makes it suitable for both casual meals with friends and family gatherings. To complement their exceptional pizzas, Pizza Strada offers an extensive appetizer menu, including assorted cheeses, cold meats, fried potatoes with anchovy garlic butter, calamari, meatballs in tomato sauce and fresh salads. Whether dining in or taking away, patrons can enjoy a pizza renaissance in Tokyo with Pizza Strada’s no-nonsense, excellent wood-fired creations and a well-curated wine list, offering a delightful experience reminiscent of both New York and Rome.

Cucina Hirata

Cucina Hirata is an Italian restaurant that values each customer’s dining experience. The establishment prides itself on crafting dishes using seasonal ingredients and complementing their flavors with a well-curated selection of wines. The cozy interior resonates with the warmth of customers’ laughter, aiming to create an atmosphere where patrons leave feeling fulfilled and happy. The restaurant, with a legacy dating back to 1988, is a well-loved local Italian eatery in Azabujuban. Cucina Hirata offers a variety of dishes, showcasing authentic and straightforward flavors. The menu features simple yet elegant options, catering to those who appreciate traditional tastes. The friendly service, especially from the smiling Madam, adds to the inviting ambiance, making it an ideal spot for important and enjoyable meals. The restaurant’s longevity and reputation make it a destination for those seeking an authentic Italian dining experience near THE LIVELY TOKYO AZABUJUBAN.

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