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Top 5 Autumn Foliage Spots in Kyoto

Autumn is an excellent time to visit Kyoto, where the abundance of temples, shrines and nature mean the autumn foliage is particularly beautiful. The Millennials Kyoto is located in the heart of Kyoto, offering convenient transportation access to the most stunning spots to see autumn foliage. Why not take this chance to see the beauty that Japan has to offer in its most historically-rich and nature-filled city?

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Kiyomizu-dera is one of the most famous temples in Kyoto. From November 18 to 30, the temple will remain open until 9:30 p.m. and lights will shine upon the leaves, creating a sea of fiery red and orange maple leaves. This is the perfect time to capture an image of the majestic temple surrounded by the colorful autumn leaves, which look even more prominent under the lights at night.


Tofuku-ji’s most popular view features Tsutenkyo Bridge spanning a ravine full of maple trees. The 2,000 maple trees at this temple make it one of the most popular fall foliage destinations not only in Kyoto, but Japan as a whole. The colors usually reach their peak in mid-to-late November and the temple opens at night for illuminations in November.


Ginkaku-ji has one of the most beautiful gardens in Kyoto. Nestled among nature and perched atop the Higashiyama hillsides, the Silver Pavilion will be surrounded by color in the autumn, particularly in November. From the observatory, you can admire spectacular views of the modest temple, which embodies the concept of wabi-sabi (transience and imperfection).


Nansen-ji is one of the most important Zen Buddhist temples in Japan. It’s known for its distinct combination of European and Japanese architecture, multiple sub-temples and bright maple leaves near Sanmon gate, an important gate in Japanese Buddhist temples. The area is a popular spot to view the stunning red and orange autumn leaves.

Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

Kitano Tenmangu Shrine is another well-loved fall foliage destination. The Momoji Garden has approximately 350 maple trees and the trees that line the river running through the temple turn into vibrant shades of yellow, red and orange by the end of November. A red bridge that spans the river creates the perfect Instagram-worthy photo opportunity. From November to December they offer night-time illuminations.

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