As winter approaches, the city transforms into a captivating wonderland illuminated by a symphony of lights. Tokyo’s winter illuminations are renowned for their creativity, scale and ability to turn the city into a magical realm. From glittering streets adorned with millions of LED lights to thematic displays that capture the spirit of the season, each illumination event offers a unique and enchanting experience. In this guide on the Top 5 Gorgeous Winter Illuminations in Tokyo you will discover the best spots to visit to experience the cityscape’s artistic brilliance and warmth and splendor on chilly winter nights. By staying at our hotels THE LIVELY TOKYO AZABUJUBAN, HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU or The Millennials Shibuya, you will have the opportunity to visit each of these locations easily through public transport or even simply by walking. Explore Tokyo’s winter wonderland by visiting these top five illuminations near our hotels and make everlasting memories during your stay with us.


  1. Roppongi Hills Christmas Illumination
  2. Marunouchi Illumination
  3. Tokyo Dome City Winter Illumination
  4. Ebisu Garden Place Illumination
  5. Omotesando Illumination

Roppongi Hills Christmas Illumination

Photo by aki sato

Experience the enchantment of Roppongi Hills Christmas as the renowned 400-meter-long Keyakizaka Street comes alive with a mesmerizing display of approximately 800,000 LED lights. Delighting visitors until Christmas Day, this sparkling spectacle transforms the thoroughfare into a winter wonderland, casting a radiant glow against the backdrop of Tokyo Tower. From 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. daily, the pedestrian bridge near the Roppongi Hills Arena offers a breathtaking vantage point to appreciate the trees adorned in shimmering lights, creating a picturesque scene with the iconic Tokyo Tower in the distance. While reveling in the festive ambiance, be sure to explore the adjacent Mori Garden, a serene Japanese-style green space nestled between Roppongi Hills Mori Tower and the TV Asahi building. From November 6 to 18, the garden will be aglow with soothing blue lights, providing a tranquil escape amid the holiday buzz. Additionally, the 66 Plaza commemorates Roppongi Hills’s 20th anniversary with a bouquet-inspired illumination, featuring 200,000 LED lights that add a vibrant touch to the surrounding trees. The illuminations, spanning from November 6 to December 25, make Roppongi Hills a must-visit destination during the Christmas season. This annual event has become a cherished tradition, turning Keyakizaka Avenue into a romantic winter setting that captivates locals and visitors alike.

Marunouchi Illumination

Photo by othree

In terms of sheer grandeur, the Marunouchi Illuminations stand out with approximately 1.2 million lights, transforming the district into a winter wonderland. The LED bulbs, in the original champagne gold shade, adorn over 360 trees along the 1.2-kilometer Naka-dori Street, creating a dazzling spectacle that spans from the Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan building in front of Yurakucho Station to Otemachi Naka-dori Street. This iconic display, running from November to mid-February, has become synonymous with the festive season in Tokyo. In an environmentally conscious move, all the energy powering this breathtaking exhibition is sourced from renewable sources like solar and wind power. The commitment to sustainability is reflected not only in the dazzling lights but also in the eco-friendly practices that have been a hallmark of the Marunouchi Illumination since its inception. Expanding its allure, the illuminations now extend to Gyoko-dori Street, connecting the Outer Gardens of the Imperial Palace with Tokyo Station. This extension, running for four weeks from November 28th to December 25th, allows visitors to immerse themselves in the distinctive winter scenery of the Marunouchi district. As you stroll along the cobblestone streets, the Marunouchi Illumination promises not just lights but an enchanting journey through Tokyo’s winter charm. The illuminations take place from November 16, 2023, to February 18, 2024, with extended hours from December 1 to 31, lasting until midnight. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the magic of Marunouchi transformed into a luminous masterpiece.

Tokyo Dome City Winter Illumination

Photo by kouyuzu

Experience the beloved winter illumination cherished by Tokyoites in the Harajuku and Omotesando area. The charming shopping street, adorned with majestic Zelkova trees, transforms into a radiant spectacle with an impressive display of over 900,000 LED lights in elegant champagne gold. Mark your calendars as the illuminations grace the streets from December 1 to 28, offering a magical ambiance during the winter evenings. The iconic row of mature Zelkova trees, coupled with the broad sidewalks and upscale boutiques, positions Omotesando as a premier destination for winter lights in Tokyo. With no need for gimmicks, visitors can simply stroll along the street adorned, savoring the enchanting atmosphere. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Omotesando Hills, where this year’s attraction showcases the world’s largest 3D-printed Christmas tree, surrounded by approximately 500 glittering snowflakes.

Ebisu Garden Place Illumination

Photo by Zengame

Discover the magic of Ebisu Garden Place Winter Illumination, an annual spectacle that transforms the venue into a dazzling winter wonderland. With over 100,000 LED lights, a majestic 10-meter-high Christmas tree and the enchanting “Baccarat ETERNAL LIGHTS” featuring a grand 5-meter Baccarat chandelier, the atmosphere is nothing short of festive and romantic. The Baccarat Eternal Lights champagne-gold illumination at Ebisu Garden Place is a sensory delight. The area in front of the main tower becomes an illuminated haven with fairy lights, radiant bells and the return of the impressive Christmas tree for the 2023 festivities. Food trucks and lively DJs add to the joyful ambiance, creating a lively and celebratory experience. Ebisu Garden Place Winter Illuminations stand out as one of Tokyo’s most sought-after winter events. Each year, the venue exudes elegance, adorned with brilliant golden lights, charming installations, cozy Christmas huts and rich red decorations. A red carpet guides visitors from the Christmas tree to the exquisite Baccarat Chandelier, a towering masterpiece measuring five meters in height and three meters in width. Comprising 250 lights and 8,472 dazzling crystals, this chandelier and its sophisticated surroundings are sure to leave a lasting impression. Indulge in the festive spirit at the Christmas Market within the garden, offering delights such as hot chocolate, mulled wine and pastries. You can also engage in seasonal treats and activities, from savoring delicious European cuisine to ice skating and capturing memorable moments at Christmas-themed photo spots.

Omotesando Illumination

Photo by Zengame

Experience the enchantment of the Tokyo Dome City Winter Illumination, a dazzling winter event that transforms Tokyo Dome City into a radiant spectacle from mid-November to late February. Situated alongside the Tokyo Dome baseball stadium in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo Dome City is not just an amusement park but a sprawling entertainment complex that hosts one of Tokyo’s most glamorous illumination events. Curated by Shohei Osada from the renowned Japanese comedy duo Chocolate Planet, this year’s illuminations promise a blend of creativity and humor. The outdoor turf on the third floor of the Tokyo Dome Hotel is adorned with illuminating spheres featuring playful faces, creating the illusion of a captivated audience. The illuminations, spanning from November 21 to February 29, paint Tokyo Dome City with over two million twinkling LED lights, creating a magical atmosphere that defies the winter chill. The theme for 2023, “LOL SHOW,” promises not only a visual spectacle but also a lineup of comedy performances and delightful surprises. Tokyo Dome City Winter Illumination stands out as a must-visit winter destination, offering a unique blend of entertainment and artistic brilliance against the backdrop of Tokyo’s iconic skyline.

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