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Top 5 Ramen Restaurants in Shibuya: Part 1

Shibuya, known for its energetic ambiance and diverse culinary scene, is a haven for ramen enthusiasts seeking an authentic and satisfying dining experience. Part one of our guide will introduce you to the best ramen restaurants in Shibuya near The Millennials Shibuya, each with its unique charm and culinary offerings. Expect to encounter rich tonkotsu broths, flavorful miso bases and perhaps even some surprising twists that redefine your ramen expectations. Whether you’re a connoisseur eager to discover hidden gems or a casual diner looking for a hearty bowl, these top ramen spots in Shibuya near The Millennials Shibuya promise to cater to every palate.

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Photo by Gregg Tavares

Fuunji, a ramen haven established in 2007, has garnered immense popularity and a devoted following among ramen enthusiasts. Renowned for its delectable tsukemen dipping noodles, this bustling ramen shop is a precursor to other top-tier establishments such as Menya Itto and Niboshi Tsukemen Miyamoto. Fuunji is renowned for its unique tsukemen bowl, where cold noodles are dipped into a concentrated, flavorful broth. Originating in the 1960s, this style has surged in popularity over the last decade. While the shop offers both ramen and tsukemen, the majority flock for the famed tsukemen experience. Deluxe versions with extra toppings are available, and larger noodle portions can be ordered for free. Fuunji’s tsukemen features a rich toripaitan chicken-bone soup and a complementary fish soup, topped with nori, bamboo shoots, ajitama egg and braised pork belly. A burst of gyofun dried fish powder enhances the umami flavor, creating a memorable culinary experience.

Dotonbori Kamukura Shibuya

Dotonbori Kamukura Shibuya stands right in the heart of Shibuya, where it is a must-visit for anyone in Tokyo. Another point in its favor is its claim to fame as the number one ramen shop, according to a Yahoo internet poll. The phrase, “Ramen of the Year,” adds a touch of prestige to its reputation. The energetic staff enthusiastically welcomes each customer and expresses gratitude as they exit. The clever design includes separate entrance and exit points, preventing any ramen-related traffic jams as patrons come and go. The ramen, with the perfect balance of saltiness, well-cooked noodles, and thoughtfully selected toppings, it’s no wonder this place received internet acclaim. The commitment to maintaining the traditional taste and the passion of seasoned artisans continue to uphold the essence of the shop. From meticulously crafted soup and eggs to carefully selected high-quality wheat for noodles, the attention to detail is evident in every aspect of their culinary offerings. With a commitment to hospitality and a philosophy of cleanliness and organization, this ramen spot aims to provide an unforgettable dining experience in a welcoming environment.

Tanaka Sobaten Shibuya PARCO

Tanaka Sobaten, an offshoot of the immensely popular Tanaka Shoten specializing in Hakata-style ramen, introduces a unique twist to the ramen scene. Situated on the 7th floor of Shibuya PARCO, Tanaka Sobaten Shibuya PARCO offers a delightful deviation with its “countryside ramen,” inspired by the renowned Kitakata ramen. This variant features flat noodles immersed in a salt-seasoned pork bone soup, delivering a distinct and satisfying experience. Adding to the diverse menu is the “Yamagata Spicy Miso Ramen,” a creation inspired by a memorable dining experience at a renowned restaurant in Yamagata. Tanaka Sobaten Shibuya PARCO provides a haven for ramen enthusiasts seeking unique and flavorful variations in the heart of Tokyo.

Ramen Kindenmaru

Ramen Kindenmaru, nestled just off the bustling streets of Shibuya’s Dogenzaka, boasts a diverse range of flavors. Known as a late-night ramen spot, Ramen Kindenmaru serves ramen bowls in a cozy space with both counter and booth seating options. The ramen here has thicker noodles with a rich soup base and soft pork belly that goes well with the runny eggs and bamboo shoots. It is the perfect destination to visit for a late-night meal after enjoying a long day of sightseeing or an evening at the clubs in Shibuya.

Ichiran Shibuya

Ichiran Ramen, known for its devotion to Tonkotsu Ramen, stands as a pinnacle in the world of ramen. With an unwavering focus on Tonkotsu, the company boasts over 40 specialists dedicated to ensuring the highest quality in every bowl. Instead of diversifying their menu, Ichiran’s concentration on Tonkotsu Ramen allows them to continually pursue excellence and deliver an authentic and delightful ramen experience. Founded over half a century ago in Fukuoka Prefecture, Ichiran Ramen has become synonymous with Tonkotsu ramen. The signature broth, characterized by its milky and sweet flavor, harmonizes with smooth-thin noodles and is adorned with sliced pork and the original spicy red sauce. Upon entering an Ichiran establishment, customers purchase a ramen ticket from a vending machine, selecting from the Ichiran Select 5 or the regular Ramen menu. The Ichiran Select 5 includes additional toppings like a boiled egg, wood ear mushrooms, dried laver seaweed and Char-siu pork. Seated in individual partitions, customers customize their ramen experience using an order sheet, choosing the richness of the broth, noodle texture and adjusting the garlic and spicy red sauce levels. The ramen and toppings are served separately for those who opt for the Ichiran Select 5, allowing them to add toppings and create their personalized bowl. For those craving more, additional toppings and side dishes can be ordered through the extra item order section on the sheet. Ichiran Ramen also offers a package of instant ramen as souvenirs for enthusiasts to savor the authentic taste at home.

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