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Top 5 Seafood and Sushi Restaurants in Otaru

Otaru is home to many fresh and delicious seafood and sushi restaurants due to its proximity to the rich waters of the Sea of Japan. In this guide, you will discover the Top 5 Seafood and Sushi Restaurants in Otaru based on recommendations by local staff members at UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU. From traditional sushi establishments serving melt-in-your-mouth delights to innovative seafood kitchens crafting culinary masterpieces, Otaru’s dining scene promises an unforgettable experience for connoisseurs and seafood enthusiasts alike.

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Nakamura Sushi

Nakamura Sushi is run by the owner and his wife. The sushi is made in front of your eyes with fluffy rice and large pieces of fish. To experience of exceptionally fresh sashimi, this is undoubtedly the go-to spot. With a limited seating arrangement of just seven seats, you should make a reservation in advance. They ensure a daily supply of fresh ingredients and serve a variety of delicious regional sake from around the country, offering customers the opportunity to relish both delightful sushi and the freshness of the sea’s bounty.

Sushidokoro Saika

Sushidokoro Saika was originally located in the Hanazono area but has been in this new location since 2018. Offering a selection of fine sake from all around the country, this establishment exudes a nostalgic ambiance reminiscent of the Showa era. The owner, with a discerning eye, sources seasonal seafood, allowing customers to indulge in meticulously crafted, reasonably priced nigiri. Whether it’s the creamy “Namagaki” oysters in winter or the fatty “nishin” herring in spring, the diverse array of nigiri, predominantly featuring local ingredients, attracts a multitude of regulars. Even first-time visitors will be warmly welcomed with an “irasshaimase,” making it easy for individuals, friends, those on business outings or families to feel at home.

Takinami Donburi Restaurant

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Takinami Donburi Restaurant is a popular restaurant for both locals and tourists visiting Otaru. The Kaisen-don (seafood bowl) with a large amount of sashimi on top is very satisfying. The most popular item is the Wagamama Bowl, allowing you to select 3 or 4 toppings from a choice of 9 popular options. Captivating images of dishes adorn the entrance and the interior of the restaurant, creating an engaging experience for diners. While a menu is available, customers often enjoy perusing the pictures to make their selections. The dishes, hearty yet nuanced, come in generous portions and at reasonable prices. Reservations are not accepted, so the restaurant tends to be very crowded during lunchtime. It is best to go on a weekday or non-rush hours.


Sushidokorokan is the closest sushi restaurant to UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU. A wide range of prices are available, from a relatively reasonable set menu to a course where you can leave it up to the owner to make you a set of his recommendations for the season. The interior features five counter seats, one table for two and two tables for four customers. The selection of items showcases meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, revealing a sense of culinary artistry. Every piece of sushi is thoughtfully crafted, providing a glimpse into the chef’s dedication. The dining experience not only offers insights into taste but also provides a lesson on local and seasonal fish varieties.


Gangantei is located in the Central Market, a 5-minute walk from Otaru Station. If the Sankaku(Triangle) Market closest to the station is crowded, you should visit this market. Their seafood bowls are extravagantly adorned with fresh delights from the sea, such as high-quality and freshly caught sea urchin, scallops, lively mantis shrimp and local delicacies like shako (mantis shrimp) and Hokki (surf clam). You can choose from the Okonomi Don, which allows you to choose three to four ingredients from a selection of nine, creating your own bowl, the Gangan Don, which includes tuna, salmon, octopus, scallops, sweet shrimp, sea urchin and salmon roe, or the Makanai Don, which includes flying fish roe, squid, salmon, tuna, sweet shrimp and tamagoyaki.

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