2023-10-22 | Recommendations

Top 5 Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants Near HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU

You may discover it is difficult to find vegan and vegetarian restaurants during your stay in Tokyo. Luckily there are many vegetarian and vegan restaurants located near HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU, including the GRAPHY CAFE&BAR located on the first-floor of the hotel where you can munch on vegan sliders with a side of salad or fries. The outdoor terrace seating, surrounded by lush greenery from local florists, is especially popular and offers a tranquil escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. After trying vegan food at our restaurant, explore the area and try the top 5 vegetarian and vegan restaurants near HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU!

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1. Vegan Gyoza

Opened in mid-May 2021, Vegan Gyoza sells 11 kinds of colorful, Instagram-worthy non-GMO gyoza made with soy meat and vegetables and no animal products, artificial food coloring, artificial flavors, additives, alcohol or preservatives. Flavors include shiitake, celery, green pepper, Chinese chives, coriander, kimchi, eggplant miso, green onion miso, ginger miso and garlic miso. Customers can enjoy vegan drinks and either dine in the restaurant or do take-out.

2. Nezu No Ya

Photo by DLKR

Nezu No Ya is a vegan restaurant and organic food shop at with English menus and staff that can speak some English. You can purchase traditional Japanese lunch sets except with vegan ingredients that are naturally-grown, organic and pesticide-free. The food is also made with pesticide-reduced vegetables, brown rice, grains, natural yeast bread, real seasonings and processed products made from organic ingredients using traditional methods. Detergents, household goods and natural cosmetics are also available upon order as well as seasonal handicrafts, baking ingredients, alcohol and books. They also stock bargain-priced vegetables and foodstuffs. The interior of the shop also uses lots of wood, creating a cozy and homey environment.

3. Tofu Room Dy’s

Tofu Room Dy’s is a tofu-inspired cafe located near Nezu Shrine and Yanaka that offers lunch sets that include sandwiches and a vegan plate of the day. Lunch sets are served with complimentary made-in-house tofu and light soup. Desserts range from tofu in syrup to cakes and cheesecakes, but you must inquire which ones are vegan since may not be clearly labeled. All of the tofu in the restaurant comes from the owner’s father’s tofu shop, now owned by his brother, called Yoshikoshi Foods in Sano, Tochigi, every morning.

4. Vegan Cafe PQ’s

Vegan Cafe PQ‘s is an all-vegan cafe with daily changing lunch sets is popular with ladies. The cafe uses domestic organic wheat, fair trade chocolate and no-tillage vegetables. They also operate their own online shop where they sell baked goods such as muffins and scones made with rare, naturally grown, pesticide-free flour (from Kumamoto Prefecture) and brownies made with organic cocoa. At the cafe you can purchase vegan muffins, porridge, curry and other dishes made with pesticide-free and naturally grown ingredients. Floats made with homemade soy milk ice cream are also popular.

5. Guruatsu

Guruatsu is a vegetarian cafe and deli known for their tofu muffins and soy milk scones. Their products are made without animal products such as eggs and butter and are free from trans-fatty acids such as shortening and margarine. They can be enjoyed by vegans, pregnant and nursing mothers and children with allergies. The restaurant also serves vegetable lunches and soy milk smoothies.

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