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Top 7 Washoku Restaurants in Azabujuban: Part 2

Known for its rich cultural tapestry and culinary diversity, Azabujuban stands as a testament to Tokyo’s vibrant dining scene, offering an array of authentic Japanese dining experiences. In this sequel to the top washoku restaurants in Azabujuban, you will delve deeper into the heart of washoku, the traditional Japanese cuisine that celebrates seasonality, artful presentation and the essence of umami. You will learn about the best washoku restaurants in Tokyo near THE LIVELY TOKYO AZABUJUBAN. From meticulously prepared seafood kamemeshi to succulent grilled chicken dishes, each restaurant featured in this guide has been handpicked to offer a distinctive and memorable dining experience. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur of washoku or a curious explorer seeking to savor the essence of Japanese culinary artistry, this selection of the top washoku restaurants near THE LIVELY TOKYO AZABUJUBAN promises a culinary journey that transcends the ordinary.

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Awa Yoshida

Awa Yoshida is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Azabujuban’s shopping district, offering a selection of fish dishes and shabu-shabu tailored to the day’s style. With a variety of sake, wine, and drinks to complement the cuisine, the restaurant creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Despite its central location, it has an inconspicuous charm that may cause you to overlook it. Hospitality is at the forefront, showcasing the bounty of the sea, mountains and the premium Tokushima Black Wagyu, Awa Beef, along with an extensive selection of beverages. Whether you’re looking to experience casual kaiseki cuisine or savor carefully chosen fine wines, Awa Yoshida invites you to enjoy the four seasons at your own pace. The restaurant emphasizes quality ingredients such as fish sourced from Tsukiji, direct delivery of Tokushima Black Wagyu, Awa Beef and more. With a dedication to exquisite cuisine, a warm ambiance and attentive service, Awa Yoshida offers both popular signature dishes and seasonal delicacies. Be sure to conclude your meal with the “Awa-style Tarai Udon,” a delightful noodle dish served in a broth, bringing a taste of Awa to your dining experience.

Kamameshi Murata

Kamameshi Murata is a renowned rice shop that meticulously blends locally sourced Koshihikari rice from Uonuma, ensuring its texture and fragrance perfectly complement the essence of “kamameshi.” Employing a distinctive method, they cook the rice separately with seasonal ingredients, presenting a culinary masterpiece where piping hot ingredients are meticulously arranged on the rice, resembling a work of art. As you lift the lid, an enticing aroma awakens your appetite. This proud kettle-cooked rice, beloved by celebrities across various fields, is a showcase of artisanal skill. Lunch is relatively inexpensive but it takes a little time to prepare, so it is recommended to visit when you have some spare time.


Abechan, a yakitori (grilled skewered chicken) izakaya, stands as a testament to time, having thrived since the pre-World War II era. The soy-based sauce, fundamental to their yakitori, has been consistently replenished since the post-war period, and the aged jar holding this sauce narrates the restaurant’s extensive history. As you stroll through Azabujuban’s shotengai street, the irresistible aroma of grilled chicken skewers wafting from Abechan captivates your senses. Opening at 3 p.m., the establishment often welcomes older patrons before the evening rush. Abechan offers a delightful experience for those seeking a casual outing with family or friends, complemented by reasonably priced, generously portioned skewers. Notably, takeout orders receive a 10 yen discount, enhancing the value for customers. The staff, knowledgeable about the art of yakitori, guides patrons on the best pairings with tare sauce or a simple salt seasoning.

Azabujuban Sugino

Located just a 30-second walk from THE LIVELY TOKYO AZABUJUBAN, Azabujuban Sugino offers a diverse culinary experience suitable for occasions ranging from casual dates to business meetings. With a commitment to delighting customers, the restaurant continuously explores unprecedented flavors to elevate the dining experience. Boasting a heritage of two decades, Sugino presents oden and ajibuta shabu-shabu infused with a broth that has evolved since its inception. The shabu-shabu, featuring succulent pork, and the oden, both enhanced by a broth that has evolved over the years, are culinary delights not to be missed. Additionally, the owner personally curates a selection of premium Japanese sake, having visited the breweries to ensure a distinctive and exceptional offering. The restaurant’s menu extends beyond traditional fare, encompassing a variety of casual izakaya dishes.


Sarunoshippo is a Showa-era retro two-story establishment exudes a homely and tranquil ambiance. The counter seats are perfect for solo guests, making it easy to drop by on any casual occasion. For a more intimate experience, there are two private rooms with tables, offering a serene space for enjoying drinks and meals. The culinary philosophy revolves around cherishing the fundamentals of Japanese cuisine, with a focus on seasonal ingredients selected through discerning eyes and a keen aesthetic sense. Noteworthy among the ingredients is the highland Hinai-Jidori chicken sourced from Akita Prefecture, featuring its premium meat quality and concentrated umami in delightful chicken dishes. The menu offers flexibility, from the readily available “Mini Kaiseki Course” to the ever-changing “Monthly Course” incorporating fresh seafood and black Wagyu beef, and the abundant “Seasonal Omakase Course” showcasing the finest seasonal ingredients. Ingredients are carefully sourced, including seasonal fish from Tsukiji Market, Hinai-Jidori chicken directly delivered from Akita’s contracted farms and a variety of fresh vegetables from across the country. Should you have allergies or preferences, feel free to inform them in advance, and they can accommodate alternative ingredients to suit your needs.

Tanukichi Azabujuban

Tanukichi Azabujuban boasts a menu featuring tuna hot pot and various appetizers. Patrons can choose from open seating, counter seats or private tatami rooms. The extensive à la carte menu presents a variety of options, including whitefish ponzu, a sashimi trio (tuna, amberjack, bonito, octopus), mackerel with plum and shiso tempura, negima hot pot, rare tuna cutlet, mackerel bone crackers and a yam-flavored okonomiyaki. They offer a wide variety of tuna dishes, which you can pair with Japanese sake, including dishes like Tuna Negima Nabe, Maguro Black, Marbled Toro Katsu, Marbled Toro Steak, and Maguro Red, among others.

Satajuro Azabujuban

Satajuro Azabujuban is a yakitori restaurant where you can savor the finest aged chicken in a high-quality space, offering hospitality tailored for adults. With 20 years of experience in the world of yakitori, the owner has poured all of their dedication into this establishment. What sizzles before your eyes across the counter is the result of their meticulous process—a “fermented aged chicken” left to rest for 10 days at low temperatures. Stripped of excess moisture, the meat deepens in flavor, transcending the conventional notions of yakitori. Accompanied by seasonal creative dishes, patrons can thoroughly enjoy a serene atmosphere. The restaurant provides semi-private and fully private rooms to suit various occasions, and there’s even a terrace where guests can dine with their pets. (Note: Reservations for the terrace with pets are accepted via phone only.) This culinary haven encapsulates the essence of yakitori, blending traditional techniques with innovative concepts, delivering a unique and elevated dining experience for those seeking refined flavors and a welcoming environment.

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