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Top 8 Bars and Izakaya in Otaru

Otaru not only boasts historical allure but also a lively nightlife flourishing in its many bars and izakaya. Whether you crave a snug corner for artisanal cocktails, a bustling izakaya with local character or an upscale wine bar, Otaru’s nighlife scene caters to every customer. This guide will introduce you to the best bars and izakaya in Otaru recommended by our knowledgeable staff at UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU. From establishments exuding historical charm to contemporary mixology hubs, Otaru’s bars ensure a distinctive experience for night owls and those yearning for a relaxed evening after a long day of exploring the historical city. You will find plenty of joy and distinct local charm at these beloved bars and izakaya in the heart of Otaru.

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  1. Otaru Tap Room – Craft Beer & Hostel
  3. Wine Bistro katabami
  4. Otaru Rakuten
  5. 食酒堂×ギャラリー想天坊
  6. The COAST Pizzeria&Bar
  7. Umamimo no Hyakunenbou
  8. Bar IGNIS

Otaru Tap Room – Craft Beer & Hostel

In February 2019, a 100-year-old historical structure underwent a complete renovation to emerge as a unique guesthouse in Otaru – a “craft beer bar where you can stay.” Serving as a gathering spot for locals and tourists alike, Otaru Tap Room – Craft Beer & Hostel has a bar specializing in craft beer. The atmosphere is homey and friendly, with conversations sparked even among customers who do not know each other. They serve 3-4 types of draft craft beer and hard cider that change regularly. Sourced from breweries both domestic and international, you can enjoy a glass casually at this standing bar.


The friendly owner of HATAKENONAKA helps create a joyful, fun atmosphere. You can order not only wine, but also wine cocktails for those who are not strong drinkers. The dishes are made with the utmost care, and the combination of Hokkaido ingredients and wine is excellent. You can enjoy delightful wines that complement a selection of expertly crafted processed meats. Their menu boasts the exceptional addition of rare venison meat. HATAKENONAKA requires a reservation in advance.

Wine Bistro Katabami

Nestled in a quiet back alley, just a brief 5-minute walk from Otaru Station, Wine Bistro Katabami offers an intimate escape with six counter seats. The ambiance mirrors a French bar, providing a casual setting to enjoy both wine and French cuisine. Reservations are highly recommended due to its popularity. Born and raised in Otaru, the owner-chef pursued his dream of owning a restaurant, culminating in the establishment of Katabami in January 2018. With a diner-like atmosphere, the eatery caters to locals and tourists alike. Named after the “katabami” family crest symbolizing persistence and joy, the chef, also a certified sommelier, curates a selection of Otaru wines. The menu, crafted with the day’s best local ingredients, evolves with the seasons, featuring delights like Otaru herring in spring and saury in autumn.

Otaru Rakuten

Otaru Rakuten is loved by both locals and tourists. Beyond its convenient location, the ambiance, cuisine and service make it an exceptional dining spot. There are plenty of Japanese wines and menu items to try and it is highly recommended for people who want to enjoy Japanese dishes with fresh ingredients. It is a small restaurant and they require reservations in-advance.


Soutenbo offers delicious creative fusion cuisine that is a mix of Japanese and Western cuisine. If you are craving something other than seafood, this is the place to go. The atmosphere at Soutenbo is welcoming and the selection of Niigata wines remains a highlight of the restaurant. This is a cozy spot to visit for solo diners. This restaurant requires a reservation in-advance.

The COAST Pizzeria&Bar

The COAST Pizzeria&Bar is a hidden gem cherished by locals in Otaru. The owner, who proudly identifies as a pizzaiolo (pizza artisan), bakes pizzas in a wood-fired oven in this inconspicuous restaurant located a 10-minute walk from Otaru Station. The COAST Pizzeria&Bar is not only a stylish pizzeria, but they also offer an evening experience with local wines and side dishes as well as delightful lunches on weekends. The lunch set features a choice of three pizzas, including the classic Margherita at 1,500 yen and the original Neapolitan Marinara at 1,300 yen. The standout is the Bianca, a white pizza with a blend of mozzarella, gorgonzola, pecorino and dried tomatoes, priced at 1,700 yen. The seasonal soup, such as Gazpacho, adds a refreshing touch. The master’s dedication to fresh cheese, local Hokkaido ingredients and a meticulously aged dough reflects in the pizzas. Witnessing the master’s rhythmic pizza-making routine is an experience not to be missed.

Umaimonoya Hyakunenbou

Umaimonoya Hyakunenbou serves delectable home-cooked dishes brimming with seasonal vegetables and Hokkaido’s ocean delights. You can experience a relaxing night with delicious meals and drinks in a cozy, Japanese-style interior. Popular staples and daily specials evoke a nostalgic taste, featuring dishes like “Takono Yawaraka Ni,” “Cream Cheese with Saikyo Miso” and “Dashimaki Tamago.” Their homemade miso dressing accentuates the charm of various salads. Their drink selection includes nationally renowned sake and shochu, accommodating even those averse to alcohol with non-alcoholic cocktails. You should make a reservation in-advance.

Bar Ignis Otaru

Open from 7:30 p.m., Bar Ignis Otaru at UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU offers a refined atmosphere just steps from the entrance. Adorned with elegant lighting, Bar Ignis Otaru boasts over 30 bottles of Hokkaido wines and Yoichi whiskey. Guests can enjoy nightly complimentary wine service. The experienced bartenders, dedicated to crafting the perfect drink, cater to both connoisseurs and those exploring new tastes. Whether you visit alone or with friends and family, Bar Ignis Otaru welcomes hotel guests and the general public.

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