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Top Cherry Blossom Spots Near Azabujuban

Sakura season 2024 will start next month! As you plan your trip to Tokyo during the most beautiful time of the year, you may want to know about some of the best cherry blossom spots near your accommodation at THE LIVELY TOKYO AZABUJUBAN. Azabujuban offers some of the best sakura viewing spots in Tokyo during cherry blossom season. Here are the top five cherry blossom locations to visit during your trip.

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Roppongi Sakura-zaka

Located just a 4-minute walk from THE LIVELY TOKYO AZABUJUBAN, Sakura-zaka, or “Cherry Blossom Slope,” is known for its stunning display of cherry blossoms. Here, you can marvel at approximately 75 Yoshino cherry trees lining the streets for approximately 400 meters, heralding the arrival of spring in Roppongi. As dusk falls, the atmosphere transforms, offering a different perspective of the cherry blossoms illuminated against the night sky.

Illumination Time: 5:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.

Mohri Garden

Mohri Garden, located a mere 5-minute walk from THE LIVELY TOKYO AZABUJUBAN, offers a serene escape amidst Tokyo’s urban landscape and stands out as one of the premier cherry blossom viewing spots in the city. Take a leisurely stroll, where you can immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature amidst the cherry blossoms, Mohri Pond and the soothing sounds of cascading waterfalls. This traditional Japanese-style garden boasts over 70 pastel pink cherry blossom trees, creating a picturesque setting that beautifully juxtaposes against the modern skyscrapers. Particularly enchanting during the evening, the garden comes to life with a mesmerizing light-up display, illuminating the cherry blossoms against the backdrop of the city skyline.

Illumination Time:5:30 p.m. – 11 p.m.

Arc Hills and Spain-zaka

The walk to this place from THE LIVELY TOKYO AZABUJUBAN would be about 20 minutes, but trust us, it’s totally worth it! A 700m cherry blossom tunnel made up of 150 cherry blossom trees awaits you there. The mature cherry trees lining the roads in Roppongi’s Spain-zaka are among Tokyo’s most spectacular and lesser-known. Although picnicking spots may be limited, the area is perfect for a peaceful evening walk. While the festival in the area lasts for only three days, the cherry blossoms along the street are illuminated throughout the entire flowering season, accompanied by gourmet stands, music performances, and a festive atmosphere.

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