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In the bustling heart of Osaka, where the pulse of the city beats with unrestrained energy, culinary adventures await just a stone’s throw away from THE LIVELY OSAKA HONMACHI. This article serves as your guide to the top dining experiences that capture the essence of Osaka’s rich culinary tapestry. These locations encompass a wide spectrum of flavors and atmospheres and will satisfy any hungry traveler in search of the best culinary delights in the city. The proximity of these dining gems ensures that your stay at THE LIVELY OSAKA HONMACHI will not only be a cultural immersion but a journey of flavors that lingers in your memory long after you’ve left the vibrant streets of Osaka.

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Tachigui Sakaba Kinjishi Sakaisujihommachi

Located one-minuted away from THE LIVELY OSAKA HONMACHI Tachigui Sakaba Kinjishi Sakaisujihommachi. With a daily changing menu, it redefines the standing bar concept, focusing on quality over quick bites. The 599 yen beefsteak is a crowd pleaser, and other options like chicken liver sashimi and Japanese beef sashimi offer variety. Seasonal sour drinks featuring fruit pulp, from strawberries to muscat grapes, add a refreshing twist. Female-friendly dishes cater to diverse tastes. On Saturdays and holidays, the “Magic Hour” from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM lets you enjoy a drink and three small side dishes for just 500 yen.


For those in search of extraordinary dining experiences, Bonten is a hidden gem which offers an enticing mix of innovation and tradition that’s bound to captivate any food enthusiast. What sets this place apart is its inspired approach to classic Japanese dishes. Each item on the menu is thoughtfully reimagined, resulting in a culinary journey that tantalizes the taste buds with every bite. They are well-known for their egg yolk on grilled onigiri. In addition to the remarkable menu, the curated selection of Japanese sake, handpicked by the owner, adds a layer of authenticity to the dining experience.


Ryuumon is a casual Chinese restaurant near Kitahama Station. With generous portion sizes for each dish, it’s recommended to visit and share menu items with a group in the evening. Their specialty is the rare and well-known Tianjin Curry Chahan, where fluffy eggs are the perfect match for the fragrant, separate-grain curry fried rice. The lunch menu also offers substantial portions, providing great value for your money.

With its stylish & amazing facilities, THE LIVELY OSAKA HONMACHI offers a variety of ways to enjoy a stay tailored to your lifestyle. Ideally located in the heart of downtown Osaka.

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