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Top Popular Souvenir Shops in Azabujuban

Azabujuban stands out as a charming neighborhood pulsating with life and authenticity. At the heart of this bustling district lies THE LIVELY TOKYO AZABUJUBAN, a haven for both locals and travelers seeking a unique blend of modern luxury and traditional charm. As visitors explore the area, you will discover an abundance of quaint souvenir shops. In this guide, you will discover the best souvenir shops in Azabujuban near THE LIVELY TOKYO AZABUJUBAN Each shop is a treasure trove of carefully curated mementos that encapsulate the spirit and culture of Tokyo and Azabujuban. Whether you’re in search of traditional crafts, stylish keepsakes or culinary delights to bring a taste of Tokyo home with you, these top souvenir shops promise a shopping experience that transcends the ordinary.

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Established in 1865, Mamegen, a Japanese-style cracker store, specializes in offering over 60 varieties of snacks, primarily focusing on bean crackers. Some crackers are expertly fried at the shop front, providing customers with the delightful experience of enjoying the crunchiness fresh from the fryer. The bean crackers, known for their longevity, can be stored for over a month, making them an ideal souvenir. With an extensive range of 60 to 70 kinds available, customers can find and savor their favorite flavors. We recommend the mozzarella almonds, which are exclusive to the Azabujuban main store. They are perfect for those who want to bring home Japanese sweets as souvenirs.


Naniwaya has been crafting taiyaki (fish-shaped pancakes with red bean paste filling) for over a century. Established in 1909, the store takes its name from the hometown of its founder, Kobe Seijiro, who hailed from Naniwa (now Osaka). Committed to traditional methods, Naniwaya has maintained its taiyaki-making legacy. The crispy outer layer envelops red beans cooked for eight hours, offering a perfect balance of textures and flavors. Aside from taiyaki, the shop also offers yakisoba, oshiruko (sweet red bean soup), shaved ice and anmitsu. The signature taiyaki boasts a thin, crispy, and delightfully charred skin, harmonizing with the gentle sweetness of the red bean filling. Visitors are encouraged to savor the freshly made taiyaki on-site or warm purchased treats in the oven for an equally delicious experience. Many customers buy large quantities as souvenirs.


Agemochiya is a perfect destination for unique, colorful and flavorful souvenirs. The shop boasts an array of vibrant and colorful packages, showcasing around 40 different flavors of deep-fried rice crackers, extending beyond the common soy sauce and salt to include unusual tastes such as peperoncino and curry. Each agemochi variant, despite its ordinary appearance, incorporates a simple yet delightful addition of wasabi flavor. To complement the savory agemochi, nuts coated in sweet shells are included. Enjoying these sweet bites amidst the savory agemochi creates a delightful contrast, highlighting the meticulous balance of flavors.


Nogami‘s bread loaves, crafted entirely by hand, have gained immense popularity in Japan, setting records with 20,000 sales in a single day. What sets this bread apart is its exceptional mouthfeel – a delicate and springy texture that entices you to savor every bite. The ingredients include high-quality wheat flour, milk-based foods, sugar, margarine, butter, honey, salt and bakery yeast. To enhance the enjoyment of their bread, Nonami offers a set of original jams crafted from carefully selected fruits. The three delightful flavors – strawberry, marmalade, and blueberry – are designed to complement the bread, providing a delicious and healthier option. The secret to the delectable nature of NOGAMI’s bread lies in the use of a uniquely blended flour. This flour, produced with care and time akin to Japanese rice cultivation, emits a wonderful aroma during the baking process. It contributes to the bread’s ideal and velvety softness. Reservations for their products can be made in-advance.

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