UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU’s restaurant, THE BALL, uses only the finest local ingredients from Hokkaido and is constantly developing its menu in search of culinary experiences that can only be found here. Not only hotel guests, but participants of past wine events and wine makers well-versed in gourmet cuisine can vouch for the quality and status of The Ball’s menu items.

The Ball is pleased to announce the launch of a new venison lunch item featuring tender and flavorful Ezo Deer from Yoichi, which until now could only be served at special events. Venison is rare because it’s difficult to keep fresh, so the number of restaurants that serve it is limited. We will offer two types of venison dishes: a “gibier burger” that can be enjoyed casually on the hotel’s open terrace and a “gibier lunch course” that can be enjoyed in the classic contemporary setting of The Ball.

This is a fantastic opportunity for food-lovers and those who have never tried venison before to enjoy a new culinary experience.

Enjoy Summer-limited Edition Gibier Burgers on the Terrace

The terrace, which only opened last year, offers a panoramic view of Otaru’s port town and a refreshing and soothing atmosphere. The hotel’s special gibier burger using Ezo deer and fries made from “Inca Awakening” potatoes produced in Hokkaido will be served at the terrace in the form of a lunch box. The burger patty is made with Ezo deer and fresh vegetables that bring out the flavor of the meat, giving the burger a striking flavor profile. Enjoy this casual gibier cuisine within a picnic atmosphere for a girls’ night out, date night or summer outing with the family.

【Item】Ezo Deer Burger from Yoichi and Inca Awakening Potatoes
【Period】~September 24, 2023 *Reservations not required
【Regular Hours】Sat, Sun and Holidays, 11:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. (L.O. 2 p.m.)
【Price】Gibier burger box: 1,800 yen (Tax Included)

Gibier Lunch Course Limited to 10 Groups Per Day

The hotel’s restaurant, THE BALL, is in a 100-year-old classic hotel that has been revitalized into a modern style. The arched windows, stained glass, high ceilings and lighting from the original construction create a nostalgic and stylish space. The Ball has designed a lunch course with venison hamburger steak as the main dish to make it easier for those who are new to gibier cuisine. For hors d’oeuvres, we offer a pâté de campagne made from venison liver, a rare part of the venison, and bacon specially smoked at the hotel. The Ezo venison is a perfect match for wine, so please enjoy pairing it with the wide selection of wines available at The Ball.

【Items】Yoichi Ezo Deer Pâté de Campagne with salad and snow wasabi cream sauce, Chef’s special seasonal vegetable soup, Yoichi Ezo Deer hamburger steak with hot vegetables, porcini mushrooms in red wine sauce, hotel’s special seasonal dessert
【Period】To be served all year round
【Regular Hours】11:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.(L.O 2 p.m.)(Sat, Sun, Holidays)
【Price】Gibier Lunch Course 3500 yen(Tax Included)
【Reservations】WEB Reservation: Telephone Reservation: 050-5366-5383 
*The gibier lunch course is limited to 10 groups per day. A normal lunch course is also available.
*Reservations are accepted until 5 p.m. the day before

About Head Chef Shinichi Igai

He started working at various restaurants and hotels in Tomakomai, Hokkaido. After working as an assistant chef at a resort hotel in the Goshi region of Hokkaido, he became the kitchen manager of the restaurant The Ball at UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU in 2019. He is good at purchasing fresh ingredients as well as ingredients that are rarely available in the market. His carefully prepared dishes, prepared with his extensive knowledge of Hokkaido’s ingredients, have been well received by gourmet experts and participants of wine dinner events held at the hotel.


The well-preserved 90-year-old stained glass windows remain from the original building and the lighting takes advantage of the 3.7 meter high ceilings to create the hotel’s classic and contemporary fusion space. During the day, the sun shining through the large stained glass windows creates a comfortable atmosphere, while at night, the soft lighting creates a warm magical space.
In the morning, the restaurant serves a tea party style breakfast for guests, and in the afternoon and evening, it is open for the general public to enjoy authentic French cuisine. The restaurant uses only the best ingredients from the suburbs of Otaru, allowing guests to enjoy the unique flavors of the region. This venue can be used not only for restaurant functions, but also for a wide range of other purposes, including private parties and weddings. Please come and make precious memories in this extraordinary architectural beauty.

【Lunch Hours】 11:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. (Sat, Sun, Holidays) / Dinner: 5:30 p.m. – 10 p.m. (Wed – Sun)
【Reservations】WEB reservation: Telephone reservation: 050-5366-5383 
*Reservations are accepted until 5 p.m. the day before.

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