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Try the new dessert tacos at ESTINATE LOUNGE NAHA infused with ONERUM!

In this post you will step into the world of ONERUM and how they are incorporated into ESTINATE LOUNGE NAHA’s new dessert tacos! ONERUM began in 2020 with the goal of revitalizing the economy of Okinawa through the sugarcane and rum industries. They aim to preserve the enduring legacy of Okinawa’s sugarcane and black sugar industries and contribute to the delicate craft of rum-making with the goal of preserving their traditions for the future.

ESTINATE LOUNGE NAHA uses their rum in their original dessert tacos only available for a limited time this February in honor of Valentine’s Day and the celebration of their one-year anniversary since the start of their Ryukyu-Mexican fusion cuisine.

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What is ONERUM?

Started in 2020, ONERUM creates a unique rum made from sugarcane and the derived black sugar, both crucial industries in Okinawa. ONERUM explores the distinct characteristics based on variations in climate and production methods through the “Single Island Series” and “Blended Islands Series” by harvesting black sugar produced on various outlying islands of Okinawa. They also harvest sugarcane cultivated in Okinawa’s main island at ONERUM Farm.

Sugarcane, a key agricultural product in Okinawa, faces numerous challenges, such as an aging workforce, labor shortages and competition from imported sugar. This has led to a decline in demand for domestically produced black sugar, leading Mizuho Distillery, located in Okinawa, to address these challenges.

As one of the few existing distilleries since the Ryukyu Kingdom era, Mizuho Distillery has actively embraced the unique challenges of sake brewing. Drawing on inherited techniques and connections, the distillery started a new venture targeted towards producing rum with an emphasis on the production region and raw materials.

Crafted from sugarcane-derived ingredients, rum, considered one of the world’s four major spirits, has garnered popularity around the world. Leveraging the knowledge gained from awamori and spirits production, Mizuho Distillery aims to showcase world-class rum from Okinawa. The aim is to blend the 400-year history and tradition of sugarcane into spirit of the brand, rekindling appreciation for its charm and the regions and producers involved.

Mizuho Distillery: Shuri’s Oldest Awamori Brewery with a 170-Year Legacy

Founded in 1848 in the heart of Shuri, Mizuho Distillery boasts a 170-year history. In 2018, they crafted a sakura yeast-infused awamori and the “ORI-GiN1848” series, a gin that uses Okinawan ingredients. This led them to win three gold awards and a total of eight prizes at the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2021 in London. By creating rum that uses raw materials from various parts of Okinawa, Mizuho Distillery showcases the inherent cultural value of Okinawa’s diverse regions and continues to rank as a globally recognized rum, making Okinawa a revered destination for rum enthusiasts.

What is the Single Island Series?

At ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA, you can try ONERUM’s Single Island Series. The Single Island Series creates rum using black sugar from eight remote islands in Okinawa, each with unique soil, weather and sugarcane cultivation that make each rum stand out for its original taste.


Crafted with Kohama Island black sugar and unique ONERUM-No.4 yeast from ONERUME FARM (which used Sakura yeast in the first batch of KOHAMA ISLAND), this rum introduces changes such as reusing distilled waste for fermentation. KOHAMA ISLAND RUM – BATCH2 features distinct fruity notes of green apple, grapefruit and peach, coupled with honey and vanilla. Evolving over time, it offers a blend of sweetness, juiciness, floral hints and a subtle milky undertone for a classic yet complex tasting experience.


The IE ISLAND RUM features the abundant use of black sugar from Ie Island with the label featuring the island’s symbolic lily flower. This rum features a refreshing and cool aroma reminiscent of green apples and herbs, with a hint of honey and sweet, aromatic flavors. It also offers notes of vanilla and coconut to create a creamy taste with a pleasant hint of bitterness.


IRIOMOTE ISLAND RUM incorporates black sugar from the nature-rich island of Iriomote, known for its majestic landscapes and diverse ecosystems. Iriomote Island’s black sugar creates a sweet and rich subtle creamy flavor. The rum features fruity hints of peach and grapefruit, along with creamy flavors like cheesecake and coconut.


Located in the heart of Ishigaki and Miyako Islands, Trauma Island’s black sugar in TARAMA ISLAND RUM features fruity flavors with hints of banana, peach and lychee, along with sweet and aromatic hints reminiscent of yogurt and baked goods.


The flavor of KOHAMA ISLAND RUM hints at baked goods, freshly baked bread, ripe peaches and honey. You can also taste subtle notes of fresh sugarcane juice and delicate Japanese wagashi flavors like youkan as well as an accent of bitterness that gives the rum an overall unique and rare taste.


YONAGUNI ISLAND RUM evokes delicate and sweet flavors reminiscent of traditional Japanese wagashi like kinako mochi or youkan, with subtle hints of herbs and citrus freshness. You can relish the changing of flavors overtime from the moment it is poured into a glass.


HATERUMA ISLAND RUM features grapefruit, coconut, peach and cream cheese aromas along with a sweet and lingering aftertaste. You can experience the changing of flavors overtime from this rum.


AGUNI ISLAND RUM uses black sugar from Aguni Island, known as the island of sotetsu palm. This rum features a refreshing and vibrant aroma reminding you of green apples and honey perfect for those who enjoy a sweet and clear palate. You can also taste subtle notes of freshly baked bread and apricot. With a smooth mouthfeel and a clean finish, you can enjoy this rum in many kinds of cocktails.


As the inaugural release in the Single Island Series, IHEYA ISLAND RUM uses approximately 700g of black sugar from Iheya Island per bottle. This rum reminds you of buttery cookies and has a gentle, milky coconut flavor with hints of salt and a distinctive spicy finish.

ESTINATE LOUNGE NAHA Dessert Tacos: Chocos

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, ESTINATE LOUNGE NAHA will serve dessert tacos, called “Chocos” from February 1 to February 29, 2024 that incorporate KOHAMA ISLAND RUM into the dough. Since chocolate is usually eaten with rum, the flavor of rum mixed into the sweet tacos naturally goes together.

Prepared in three vibrant colors, these Chocos are made by kneading chocolate into the dough, baking a special tortilla for each order and topping it with a generous amount of cream and fruits. Careful attention to detail is given to each one, making them a perfect post-dinner dessert or afternoon snack.

They are offered in three flavors–Orange Choco, Strawberry Choco and Banana Mint Choco– in addition to a special cafe au lait called Valentine Ole. Each Choco costs 600 yen with Valentine Ole costing an additional 200 yen with the option to choose your preferred ONERUM flavor. This adds a touch of customization and a chance to taste rum using black sugar from various regions in Okinawa in your cafe au lait. Each Choco uses rum made from black sugar harvested on the islands of Okinawa, providing a taste that can only be experienced at ESTINATE LOUNGE NAHA.

Orange Choco (600 yen including tax)

Creamy custard and whipped cream are blended with orange peel, creating a luscious mixture. This delicious dessert is then expertly topped with a layer of rich chocolate and dried orange. The result is a smooth taste profile with a subtle hint of acidity, making it the perfect treat for Valentine’s Day and an ideal choice for those who appreciate the delightful flavor of oranges!

Strawberry Choco (600 yen including tax)

Custard and whipped cream are intricately blended with raspberry puree, offering not only a burst of vivid colors but also a lively taste that signals the onset of spring. The addition of gentle sweetness from white chocolate serves as a delightful accent to this flavorful taco.

Banana Mint Chocos (600 yen including tax)

Custard and whipped cream are expertly blended with mint syrup, creating a refreshing sweetness. The must-try pairing of banana and chocolate mint offers a wonderful combination that is sure to please your taste buds!

Valentine Ole (600 yen including tax) *Additional 200 yen for rum choice

A cafe au lait is brewed using ESTINATE’s original blend coffee and sweet cream, topped with cocoa powder. You have the option to customize the sweetness by adding chocolate sauce. Moreover, for an additional 200 yen, you can enhance the experience by adding rum. The gentle aroma of rum combined with the sweet cafe au lait results in a soothing and delightful flavor.

Whether you choose to indulge in a quiet moment of self-enjoyment or prefer to share the joy with a loved one, these Chocos provide a delightful and visually appealing treat. The rich and satisfying flavors are designed to enhance your personal moments of relaxation or create a wonderful Valentine’s Day memory.

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