2022-07-04 | Recommendations

Staff Recommendation: Tsuru to kame: A Restaurant Where the Chefs are all Women

Have you been to a popular Japanese restaurant in Tokyo called “Tsuru to Kame” ?

The chefs are all women here, which is very unusual in Japan.
They offer traditional Japanese foods with seasonal fish and vegetables.

Despite being sophisticated, the meals are comforting at the same time, reminiscent of childhood for many Japanese people. It is said that many Japanese people cannot help crying after having them due to all the memories flowing back.

We deeply recommend the counter seats that are closer to the kitchen so that you can see how they are performing their techniques & skills.

You can get vegetarian options by reserving in advance.

When you come to Tokyo, why don’t you visit there?

From HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU → Chiyoda line Track 1 → Get off at Hibiya station (23min)

Address: Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 6-7-15
business hours: Monday-Saturday 17: 00-20: 00.
Closed on Sundays
Phone number: 03-5537-7045

A little urban oasis located in the heart of Yanesen and near Ueno station. This hostel-like space is the perfect place to come together and take a break from busy Tokyo.

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