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UNWIND GALLERY Celebrates its First Anniversary With “Travel, Everyday Life, Flowers and Me” by Esteemed Painter Lee Izumida!

UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU regards the hotel as a source of cultural and informational exchange and is working to convey Hokkaido’s attractions from a unique perspective. As part of these efforts, the hotel established the UNWIND GALLERY, a fantastic space in which the historical building has been renovated in a contemporary style and where artworks by artists associated with Hokkaido are mainly exhibited. Following the concept of “classic contemporary,” which describes our hotel, we have organized exhibitions focusing on contemporary art and have exhibited five wonderful artists so far. The art, viewed in an Art Deco-style environment, has been well received not only by guests but also by the local community, leading the UNWIND GALLERY to celebrate its first anniversary this November.

Travel, Everyday Life, Flowers and Me” by Lee Izumida

In November, Hokkaido-born painter Lee Izumida will exhibit “Travel, Everyday Life, Flowers and Me.” Lee Izumida has graced the hotel with his artwork on important anniversaries, including a solo exhibition in September 2021 to celebrate the opening of UNWIND GALLERY and as a guest at the 5th anniversary of UNWIND HOTEL&BAR SAPPORO. This time, more than 15 acrylic paintings will be on display, freely expressing on canvas what he saw and felt through his travels and daily life after COVID-19.

Restrictions on travel have been lifted and a free and lively atmosphere has returned to the hotel, where we welcome our guests every day with the awareness of how precious and important they are. UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU, which has been a base for travelers since ancient times, enjoys the simple but powerful works of Lee Izumida in a space where you can feel the historical atmosphere of Otaru.

Travel, Everyday Life, Flowers and Me”

In 2023, I traveled and

in everyday life, I could meet my friends and family easily.

In the past few years, I have often drawn about the past.

This was a year for drawing things, people and landscapes that I have just seen.

I traveled around, absorbed information and put my brush to the canvas,

and painted with all my heart.

I felt that everyday life was even lovelier.

The flower paintings I painted after COVID-19

feel more powerful than before.

About Lee Izumida


Born 1986, Hokkaido, Japan. Began drawing as a child.

Studied painting when studying in the USA.

Moved to Tokyo in 2015 and started working as a painter in earnest in 2019.

She mainly paints acrylic works, as well as pictures and letters used for signboards, advertising art and windows.

HP: https://izumidalee.com

INSTAGRAM: @izumidalee

Open Reception

On November 3rd and 4th, a free reception party will be held in the gallery with Lee Izumida in attendance, and Bar Ignis Otaru, UNWIND GALLERY’s signature in-house bar, will be open during the daytime for these two days only, serving drinks full of originality. Please enjoy the artworks freely while mingling with Lee Izumida, who is usually based in Tokyo, and the people gathered here. Participation is free of charge, as we want as many people as possible to enjoy the artworks. We welcome not only our guests, but also people from the neighborhood who have not had the opportunity to visit our hotel, or those who would like to experience art in a different way from a typical gallery.

Cocktail ‘Small Happiness’ Named After the Exhibition

Inspired by the floral motifs that Lee Izumida continues to paint about, the cocktail ‘Tiny Happiness’ was named to correspond with the exhibition theme of the color violet and everyday happiness. Based on the violet flower fragrance, the hotel’s original craft cola with spices and citrus was used as an accent to express the exotic feeling of traveling. This cocktail is refreshing and not too sweet. It is also available in non-alcoholic form, so minors and those who are not fond of alcohol can enjoy pairing it with the exhibition.

Event Outline

【Location】UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU 1F Gallery Space/Bar Ignis Otaru

【Date and Time】Nov. 3 and Nov. 4, 2023 12 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Lee Izumida’s Gallery Hours: 12 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Bar Ignis Otaru Opening Hours: 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.

【Participation Fee】Free

<Bar Ignis Otaru>
Opening Hours: 7:30 p.m. – 11:30 all year (L.O 11 p.m.)

Exhibition Outline

【Title】Travel, Everyday Life, Flowers and Me” by Lee Izumida.

【Location】UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU 1F Gallery Space 

【Exhibition Period】Nov. 3, 2023 – Nov. 30, 2023 until 1 p.m.

*All exhibited works are available for purchase. For more information, please contact the hotel.

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