Tokyo is experiencing some of the chilliest days of the year recently, but spring is just around the corner 🌸

Did you know that Japan is well-known for its sakura cherry blossoms? According to this year’s forecast, sakura in Tokyo is estimated to start going into bloom in late March. Since the Heian era (around 750CE), hanami or cherry blossom viewing has been a beautiful Japanese tradition during the spring season. Locals spend hanami enjoying drinks and food with families, friends, and co-workers while sitting under the pink petals of the sakura trees.

Today, we will be listing 5 great sakura spots you can easily get to by train from The Millennials Shibuya, The Lively Tokyo Azabujuban, and Hotel Graphy Nezu

…If you fancy:

🌸floating flowers on the lake
🌸night views
🌸stunning park views
🌸hanami picnics

Then the following two cherry blossom spots are for you! Also, all of these places light up at night – how romantic, right? Just so you know, these spots are super, duper popular, especially at night. These two spots are perfect for a romantic first date or rekindling some romance with your partner because you can rent little boats! Why not try rowing a boat and enjoying a little mini-adventure time with someone special?


📸 @_blanco.lapin_


📸 @echoooo520

If you want to skip the boats and just enjoy a beautiful day of flowers at the park then we would recommend Shinjuku Gyoen. Shinjuku Gyoen closes a bit earlier than the other locations on this list, but it’s a great place to have a daytime picnic and there’s also one of Japan’s best botanical gardens inside Gyoen park grounds, so we especially recommend this location for people traveling with families:


📸 @yoshizo_imada

For a fancy gourmet hanami experience, head to the outdoor THE SINGLETON BLOSSOM LOUNGE at Tokyo Midtown from March 15th to April 16th during their MIDTOWN BLOSSOM 2023 sakura festival for great cocktails, food and more. There will also be ikebana art flower installations on display inside the main Tokyo Midtown building:

🌸 TOKYO MIDTOWN (東京ミッドタウン)

📸 @tosi6519

Lastly, if you’re looking for a good mix of night views, picnics, street food and a taste of old downtown Tokyo, then there’s no place better than: 

🌸 UENO PARK (上野公園)

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