2023-11-08 | Recommendations

Best Meditation Experiences in Kyoto

In a fast-paced world, finding inner peace and mindfulness is essential. Kyoto, with its rich spiritual heritage and natural beauty, is the perfect canvas to explore Zen practices and spirituality. Its historical temples, gardens and shrines creates the perfect environment for seasoned meditators and novices alike to experience mindfulness in the hart of Japan’s ancient capital. Since most are geared towards Japanese-speakers, we asked the staff at The Millennials Kyoto to recommend meditation experiences that tourists can engage in and experience inner peace, focus and self-awareness. Make your stay at The Millennials Kyoto a memorable experience for a lifetime by getting in-tune with your inner spirituality and ancient Japanese meditation practices.

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Ochill provides a contemporary meditation experience combined with traditional Japanese meditation practices. It is open to foreigners and it is English-friendly and easy to book. The tea smoking ceremony features the world’s first Hookah product based on the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. It unites two social customs centered on social gathering to invent a new organic smoking experiences that replaces smoking tobacco leaves with tea leaves. Their meditative experience “Listen to the Tobacco” is a smoking experience based on the tea ceremony, where you can enjoy the fragrance of tobacco leaves without inhaling them. They changed perceptions about smoking tobacco and turned it into a new meditative practice that everyone from non-smokers to children can enjoy in “fukuryu-ann,” their smoking room and tea room located in a historical building. The meditation experience costs 15,000 yen per person and reservations can be made on their website.


Located in Ryosokuin at the stunning Kenninji Temple in Gion district, the educational division of the temple aims to build a perfect place to meditate and experience zazen (seated) meditation. As the most famous meditation experience in Kyoto, it costs only 2000 yen for 90 minutes and is the easiest way to experience meditation in the city. Even if you don’t understand Japanese, you will still have a meaningful experience. Some monks are able to speak English so they may be able to translate for you. The first hour is the lesson while the remainder of the class is free time where you can pick a corner of the balcony overlooking the zen garden upon which to mediate on your own, take photographs or strike up a conversation with the monk. Reservations are available on their website.

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