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Chill Spots to Hang with Friends in Shibuya

While Shibuya is known for its hustle and bustle, there are ways to enjoy serene oases and laid-back chill spots to unwind and connect with friends. Shibuya isn’t just about its famous scramble crossing; it’s also a haven for those seeking relaxed and cozy atmospheres. Whether you’re looking for a quiet corner for meaningful conversations or a lively spot to share laughs and good times, you can find the best chill spots in Shibuya in this guide so you can kick back, enjoy great company and soak in the unique ambiance of this vibrant neighborhood. Whether you’re a local looking for your next favorite spot or a visitor eager to experience Shibuya’s more relaxed side, these hangouts promise an inviting escape amidst the lively urban tapestry.

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COGICOGI offers a chance to experience Shibuya from a two-wheeled perspective and enjoy the picturesque streets and iconic landmarks at your own pace. You can effortlessly pick up and drop off bicycles at various locations, unlocking the city’s charm with every pedal. They provide a bike sharing service, rental bike service and cycling tour services. For those seeking a more personalized experience, opt for COGICOGI’s rental bike service. Choose from a fleet of well-maintained bicycles, tailor-fitted to your preferences and ready to accompany you on your urban escapades. You can also immerse yourself in the culture and history of Tokyo with COGICOGI’s cycling tour service. Led by knowledgeable guides, these tours provide unique insights into the city’s hidden gems, ensuring an enriching and unforgettable journey. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a casual rider, COGICOGI’s bikes allow you to freely explore the bustling streets, lush parks and trendy districts.

Location: 150-0001 6-17-11 Jingumae, Shibuya City, JP Harajuku Building

Miyashita Park

Photo by Dick Thomas Johnson

Miyashita Park is the perfect hangout spot in the heart of Shibuya. With friends in tow, unwind amidst the lush greenery and modern architectural marvels that define this multifaceted park. Whether you’re seeking a casual rendezvous or a lively gathering, Miyashita Park caters to diverse preferences. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the park’s winding paths, surrounded by greenery that provides a refreshing contrast to the bustling cityscape. Embrace the laid-back vibe at the park’s various seating areas, where you can engage in conversations or simply soak in the serene ambiance. For the more active, the skate park offers an energetic backdrop, while the rooftop terrace presents stunning views of Shibuya. With an array of trendy cafes and eateries, the park ensures your taste buds are as delighted as your senses. Miyashita Park effortlessly combines the contemporary with the tranquil, offering an ideal setting for socializing and unwinding. Whether you’re catching up with friends over a picnic, engaging in outdoor activities or savoring delicious treats, Miyashita Park stands as a testament to the seamless integration of nature and urban recreation in Shibuya.

Cat Street

Photo by Dick Thomas Johnson

The laid-back vibes and trendy atmosphere of Cat Street promises an unforgettable and chill hangout with friends. Renowned for its eclectic blend of boutiques, cafes and street art, Cat Street offers a unique and relaxed environment, making it an ideal spot to unwind. Start your adventure with a leisurely stroll along the narrow lanes adorned with colorful murals and graffiti, adding a dynamic touch to the surroundings. Explore the diverse array of fashionable shops, each offering a curated selection of clothing, accessories, and lifestyle goods, perfect for a spot of window shopping or indulging in some retail therapy. When it’s time to refuel, Cat Street boasts an array of cozy cafes and eateries where you can enjoy a laid-back meal or grab a refreshing beverage. Whether you’re into artisanal coffee, delectable desserts or international cuisine, the street’s diverse culinary offerings cater to every taste. As the sun sets, the street comes alive with a captivating blend of neon lights and the cool ambiance of Shibuya. Join the locals and fellow visitors in finding a cozy spot to relax, soak in the unique atmosphere, and share laughter with friends.

Yoyogi Park

Photo by ginomempin

Embrace the laid-back vibes of Tokyo at Yoyogi Park, a sprawling urban oasis that provides the perfect setting for a chill hangout with friends. This expansive green space offers a serene escape from the bustling city life. Gather your friends and head to Yoyogi Park for a relaxed day outdoors. Find a cozy spot on the lush grass or under the shade of cherry blossom trees, providing an idyllic backdrop for laughter and conversation. Bring along a picnic blanket and some snacks, creating a casual setting for shared meals and camaraderie. The park is a hive of activity, offering diverse entertainment options. You might stumble upon impromptu musical performances, dance groups or even a lively game of frisbee. For a tranquil experience, explore the Meiji Shrine located within the park, adding a touch of cultural exploration to your hangout. During weekends, the park transforms into a vibrant social hub, attracting people from all walks of life. Feel the energetic pulse of Yoyogi Park as you engage in various recreational activities or simply unwind with friends against the backdrop of nature. Whether you’re into sports, cultural exploration, or just basking in the sun, Yoyogi Park ensures a memorable and laid-back hangout experience in the heart of Tokyo.

Cafe Bohemia

Cafe Bohemia is a hidden gem nestled in an alley near Tokyu Hands. This Turkish-inspired café transports you to a distant resort with its spacious open terrace adorned in turquoise, offering a relaxing oasis in the heart of Shibuya. Unwind in box seats with parasols or the stylish bar counter, perfect for enjoying shisha and hosting garden parties. The café boasts an impressive array of offerings, from high-quality blended coffee meticulously roasted by renowned baristas to delectable homemade sweets crafted by pastry chefs featured in industry magazines and TV programs. The chef curates Mediterranean cuisine, blending French and Italian influences, using premium ingredients for a casual yet luxurious dining experience. As the day unfolds, transition seamlessly into a delightful evening with cocktails and wines expertly prepared by talented bartenders. Cafe Bohemia’s full alcohol menu complements the diverse culinary offerings, creating a relaxing ambiance that beckons patrons to linger. Escape the ordinary at Cafe Bohemia, where the enchanting atmosphere is enhanced by weekly belly dance shows every Tuesday and Thursday. Whether you’re drawn to entertainment, shisha or music, this captivating café promises an unforgettable experience, inviting you to return and revel in its charm time and again.


Pizza Slice brings the essence of NYC pizza to the bustling metropolis of Tokyo with its stylish presentation and dedication to authenticity. Savor the perfection of pizza slices that are not only foldable, thin and crisp but also boast the ideal balance of cheese, served on classic paper plates. The attention to detail extends to the freshness guarantee and the presence of an impressive pizza oven, ensuring an unparalleled dining experience. The restaurant itself is a visual delight, featuring long wooden tables, a high ceiling, captivating music and a well-stocked bar. Priced at an affordable 380 yen, indulge in a substantial cheese slice, or for 500 yen, opt for pepperoni, Italian sausage or anchovy and olive varieties. A rare find in Tokyo, the white pizza slice is also available for 650 yen. At lunchtime, relish the value-packed offer of a cheese slice, another slice of your choice and a soft drink for just 1,000 yen. Pizza Slice not only enriches Tokyo’s pizza scene but also offers a stylish setting without breaking the bank. Every bite transports you to the streets of Brooklyn, making this establishment a must-visit for pizza enthusiasts seeking an authentic slice of New York in Japan.

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