2024-05-08 | Recommendations

Discover Sushi Yanen: Seafood Lunch & Izakaya Only 4-min walk from The Lively Osaka Honmachi!


As one of the most frequent requests from our guests, today we’d like to introduce a seafood lunch restaurant close to the hotel. It’s just a short four-minute walk to the seafood izakaya “Sushi Yanen”.

Very popular for lunch is the “Fisherman Bowl” set.  1,000JPY(tax-in)
(“名物!! 具だくさん 海鮮漁師丼定食” on the Japanese menu)
White rice covered with a great variety of sliced seafood, pairs perfectly with the raw egg on top.
It’s such a favorite it’s often sold out!

“Sushi Bowl” (“寿司屋の海鮮丼” on the Japanese menu)
Another lunch favorite.
For just 1,200 JPY, you’ll get a rice bowl lavishly topped with sushi-style cuts of raw salmon, octopus, tuna, shrimp, and much more!!
It also comes with two smaller bowls of side dishes, and red miso soup, quite fulfilling.

The lunch menu also includes many other items such as tempura sets, sushi platters, and Shirasu (young eel) rice bowls.

We have introduced part of the lunch menu this time, but of course, they are also open for dinner, when they serve, among other things, sashimi, an overabundant variety of sushi, which perfectly pairs with the wide selection of locally brewed sake from all over Japan also available.

Ask the staff for the perfect combination!


Restauran name: 新鮮酒場すしやねん 堺筋本町店 Shinsen Sakaba Sushi yanen
Tel. 050-5485-3865
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 11:00~14:00
Saturday, public holidays and the day before 17:00~23:00

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