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Make Your Own Traditional Pottery During Your Trip in Kyoto!

Nestled amidst the serene landscapes and rich cultural tapestry of Kyoto lies Kashogama Pottery Studio, which offers hands-on pottery experiences for tourists and locals like. Steeped in tradition and history, a pottery experience in Kyoto transcends the ordinary, offering a unique opportunity to explore the depths of Japanese craftsmanship, creativity and mindfulness. With the easy online booking system and English support, a pottery experience at Kashogama is the perfect way to make memories that you can bring back home with you from your trip to the historic town of Kyoto. The experience only takes around 20 minutes, so while you’re strolling through the cobblestone streets, why not partake in this once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience? For convenient access, book your stay at The Millennials Kyoto, located just a 20 minute bus ride from Kashogama and the world-famous tourist sites nearby.

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Kashogama is located in the beautiful ancient cobblestone streets of Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka, a popular walking area with gentle slopes and historic Japanese-style buildings. The street is much less crowded than the road leading to the nearby world-famous Kiyomizudera, but the buildings retain their traditional architecture, so this would be the perfect photo spot for those who want to avoid the crowds on their way to the famous temple.

There are also other popular tourist sites, including Kodaiji, Yasaka Shrine, Gion, Hokanji Temple, Yasaka Koshindo and the famous Starbucks in Kyomachiya, located within a 10-minute walk of Kashogama Pottery Studio.

After entering the shop, enter the pottery-making room on the left side. The right side of the room is a shop, where you can purchase goods by the staff and local artisans.

You can choose from among four sizes which are sold at different prices. A small cup or teacup costs 2,500 yen, a small rice bowl, coffee mug, beer mug or 15 cm plate costs 3,000 yen, a medium-sized rice bowl costs 3,500 yen and a large salad bowl, ramen bowl or salad plate costs 4,500 yen.

First the staff demonstrates the techniques you should use to mold the clay into the shape that you want. Some of the staff members speak English, so you can rest assured you will receive clear instructions on what to do. You can dress in normal clothing because you will receive an apron to wear and keep your clothes clean. The pottery wheel also operates automatically so you can avoid the hassle of keeping the wheel spinning with your foot.

While you make your pottery, the staff will also help you craft the shape you want. If you make any mistakes, they will gently fix them for you, making this a great experience for first-time pottery-makers.

Here is what my piece looked like at the end. You have the freedom to design your pottery in any way you want.

Once completed, you can choose what color you want your pottery to be. In addition to the year-round colors, there are also seasonal colors, which you can see on the top left of the picture. By choosing the seasonal glaze, you can remember what season you visited Kyoto.

After you finish making your pottery, it takes three weeks to be completed. You can either ship it to your address or pick it up in-store. If you live domestically in Japan, then it costs 800 yen to ship one piece, 900 yen to ship two to three pieces, 1000 yen to ship four to five pieces and 1200 yen to ship six to ten pieces. The international shipping fee depends on what country you are shipping to and how many pieces you want to ship. Unlike other souvenirs that you may have to carry with you during your trip, you can avoid adding to your bulky luggage with this pottery experience.

After the experience the friendly staff showed off her own pieces, which you can also purchase. As you can see, the staff are quite friendly and welcoming.

What do you think of the pottery experience? Visitors who only speak English can drop-in and do a same-day booking for a pottery-making experience with English instruction. If you can communicate in Japanese, then you can make a booking online. While you’re on your trip to Kyoto, take the chance to meet some kind local artisans and experience a side of Kyoto that most tourists don’t get to see.

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