Express Your Feelings With Our New ‘Bouquet Bag’ Accommodation Plan

At slash Kawasaki, we are excited to announce the launch of our new accommodation plan featuring the “Bouquet Bag” mini-gift, allowing anyone to easily gift their feelings. This plan will be available starting Monday, June 10, 2024.

Solve the hassle of choosing gifts and be ready for any sudden plans. Turn an ordinary day into a special one with our “Bouquet Bag” mini-gift stay.

We are proud to offer rooms equipped with projectors, making them perfect for drama and movie viewing, live concert streaming, and various other activities. Our guests frequently use our facilities for surprises and special occasions, utilizing the projectors for celebrations, room decorations, and gift-inclusive plans.

As a new addition to our gift plans, we are introducing a mini-gift stay that includes an original, palm-sized “Bouquet Bag” created by the dry flower specialty shop cuccuma exclusively for slash kawasaki. This plan is ideal for making any day special.

Have you ever struggled with choosing the right gift to express gratitude or celebrate an occasion? Maybe you’re not good at surprises and ended up not giving a gift at all, or perhaps you couldn’t find the perfect gift for a sudden event and didn’t want to burden the recipient. This plan is designed to solve these common dilemmas by providing a simple yet thoughtful way to convey your feelings.

Our new Bouquet Bag inclusive accommodation plan comes in 9 different color variations, each palm-sized. This makes it easy to select the perfect color for the recipient, ensuring that it doesn’t burden them with extra luggage and allowing you to naturally convey your feelings with this mini-gift.

Moreover, this plan allows for same-day reservations if there’s availability. You can also purchase the Bouquet Bag separately without using the plan. This flexibility enables you to quickly utilize it when you suddenly want to celebrate, and for those who aren’t fond of surprises, simply booking a hotel reservation will suffice for preparing the gift.

Through the Bouquet Bag, which allows for easy expression of feelings, we hope you’ll enjoy meaningful communication with your loved ones.

◾Bouquet Bag Inclusive Accommodation Plan Overview
【Sales Date】June 10, 2024 (Monday) – Available Year-Round
【Inclusions】Bouquet Bag (Choose 1 from 9 colors), Free Instax Camera Rental (Includes 10 films)
Make a Reservation Here (Same-day reservations available if there are vacancies)

※For both hotel guests and non-guests, we also offer standalone sales of the Bouquet Bag at slash Kawasaki.
Bouquet Bag: ¥2,500 (tax included)

■About cuccuma

cuccuma is a brand operated by the spatial design company moyuko. Established in December 2015 by Moeyuko Takahashi (current top designer) and Naoki Watanabe (current representative), moyuko was founded by individuals who had previously worked for major housing manufacturers. Initially, after becoming independent, the company focused on hotel room renovations and branding. However, in November 2016, they launched cuccuma as a small wagon shop at an event in Minatomirai Queens Square.

At the beginning, cuccuma was run by just the two founders, but now it operates with approximately 15 staff members including designers, assistants, and production staff, with three permanent stores in Maihama, Nihonbashi, and Shinjuku.

With the theme of “creating a comfortable society,” cuccuma aims to help improve people’s living environments using preserved and dried flowers. We will continue to support you in making your living spaces better. Visit our official website here.

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