THE LIVELY FUKUOKA HAKATA Through the Eyes of Our Staff

Hello! My name is Masuda and I am in charge of SNS at THE LIVELY FUKUOKA HAKATA.

I’m from Hakata Ward in Fukuoka City and my alma mater is near the hotel, so I know Hakata really well. As a curator, I would like to tell you about the unique attractions of my hometown. In this post, I will introduce my favorite place, THE LIVELY FUKUOKA HAKATA, through photos. I hope you can feel the excitement and joy that I feel about this place!

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▲ The Lively Fukuoka is conveniently located a 1-minute walk from exit 2 of Nakasu Kawabata underground station. Exit and turn left where the 7-Eleven is behind you and the sushi restaurant is on the corner to the left and you will find a navy building and the words THE LIVELY.

Ground Floor Bar/Front Desk

▲ A vaulted bar spreads out in front of your eyes as you proceed through the entrance. It has a grand presence that makes you feel like you are abroad. The bar is open from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m., so have a drink before you go out and enjoy one after you return. Our bartenders are waiting to serve you!
▲ From the entrance, turn left to reach the reception desk. The compact and stylish design of the hotel is different from existing hotels, so many guests are surprised to see that this is the front desk. One of the charms of THE LIVELY is that it is staffed by pleasant, friendly employees.
▲ After check-in, enjoy the public space before going to your room. Hakata’s unique designs are hidden everywhere and the free beer hour from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. is particularly busy.

2nd Floor Library Space / Banquet Room

▲ Of course there is a lift, but since we are here, let’s take the stairs behind the bar to the second floor.
▲ The chandelier seen from the second floor is beautiful and just stylish. It is becoming an iconic photo spot at THE LIVELY.
▲ A billiard table and self-serve coffee machine are available for guests to use 24 hours a day. The space can also be used by non-guests as a co-working space for a fee.
▲ There are also two party rooms on the same floor. A wide range of reservation services are available for seminars, casual parties and weddings.

4F to 10F Guest Rooms

▲Initial walls designed on each floor. It’s a bit of trick art, so pay attention.
▲ Standard double (up to 2 persons). For business use or when you want to relax on your own.
▲ Standard Queen (up to 2 people). Recommended for couples and female travelers!
▲ Standard twin (slightly larger deluxe twin also available) (up to 4 people). Recommended for celebratory use or for those who prefer a larger room.
▲ Deluxe Loft (up to 5 people). For staying with family and friends.
▲ Room service is also available. You can also enjoy the popular drinking parfait series in the restaurant in your room.

1F Restaurant

▲ The next morning, enjoy breakfast at the restaurant on the first floor. We offer a choice of Japanese or Western style meals.
▲ Before you leave, take a quick snapshot with the Purikura camera at the bar. You can take home memories of your stay at THE LIVELY.

How was your photo tour of THE LIVELY FUKUOKA HAKATA? THE LIVELY Group wants to be a place where you can refresh yourself, not just stay overnight.

Our curator, Mr. Masuda, and the rest of our staff look forward to welcoming you.

The first lifestyle hotel of its kind in Fukuoka! Located in the heart of Hakata, THE LIVELY FUKUOKA HAKATA hotel is the perfect location for business and sightseeing with easy access from the airport.

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