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Top 8 Seafood and Sushi Restaurants in Sapporo: Part 2

Welcome back to the gourmet journey through Sapporo’s seafood and sushi scene! In this second part of this series on top seafood and sushi spots in Sapporo, you will learn about 8 more of the best seafood and sushi restaurants in Sapporo. Sapporo, surrounded by the bounties of the sea and renowned for its fresh and diverse ingredients, continues to lure foodies with its seafood delights.From intimate sushi bars with skilled chefs crafting each piece with precision to seafood-focused dining experiences that highlight the region’s rich offerings, you will enjoy all of the restaurants on this list of the best seafood spots and sushi restaurants. Whether you are a sushi enthusiast seeking the perfect nigiri or a seafood lover looking for innovative dishes, Sapporo’s dining scene has something to offer everyone.

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  1. Hanamaru Susukino branch
  2. Maru Sushi
  3. Sushi Ikko
  4. Sushi Miyakawa
  5. Sushidokoro Arima
  6. Ichijiku Sushi
  8. Osaru No Koshikake

Hanamaru Susukino branch

Photo by MIKI Yoshihito

Hanamaru Susukino branch offers reasonably priced and delicious sushi. The lunch sets provide excellent value and leave you satisfied with a full stomach. They have semi-private and completely private seating options, creating a serene atmosphere. The staff provide attentive care to every customer and the sushi is consistently tasty. Sapporo Classic beer is available, making it the perfect spot to visit for tourists.

Maru Sushi

Maru Sushi strives to offer a balanced mix of local and non-local ingredients, aiming for an Edo-mae experience for locals and Ezo-mae for those outside Hokkaido. The diverse clientele seeks different experiences, and Marusushi endeavors to exceed expectations, creating memorable dining moments. Despite the consistently unchanged flavors and ever-fresh ingredients, Marusushi embraces both tradition and innovation. The delicate balance of preserving the past while embracing new challenges defines the luxury they aim to provide. The commitment to excellence, even at a premium price, caters to those who see sushi as a personal reward. Upholding the founder’s principles, Marusushi values family, avoiding unnecessary constraints, embracing change, and evolving gradually. The legacy of family management continues, with the warmth and coziness of the traditional Marusushi family extending to customers in Susukino for over two generations.

Sushi Ikko

Sushi Ikko is a hidden gem that opened in 2014. The entrance exudes a golden glow, leading to a calm space with a wide hinoki cypress countertop resembling a stage for Noh drama. Despite its modest size, Sushi Ikko emanates luxury, setting the stage for an extraordinary dining experience. Sushi Ikko, renowned for offering the finest sushi in Sapporo, is a testament to the young chef Junya Kudo’s perfectionism. As a second-generation sushi chef, Kudo has elevated the family business into a seafood paradise. The seven-seat Japanese cypress counter reflects the upcoming culinary simplicity, while Kudo’s meticulous efforts ensure the highest quality. From personally checking the origin of the fish at sea to adjusting the omakase menu based on seasonal eating habits, Kudo’s dedication shines. Accompanied by a dedicated sommelier, the restaurant meticulously pairs the day’s catch with the perfect sake, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Sushi Miyakawa

Renowned as Hokkaido’s best sushi restaurant, Sushi Miyakawa holds three Michelin stars, a testament to Chef Miyakawa-san’s humble beginnings and unwavering dedication. Situated near Maruyama Park in Sapporo, Miyakawa crafts an unforgettable sushi experience with the finest local seafood. The chef’s meticulous attention to innate flavors and umami, along with an emphasis on tsumami small plates, unveils the skills honed through years at a traditional Japanese restaurant. Persimmon wood accents and a delicate presentation underscore the chef’s gentle heart and love for his craft. Chef Miyakawa, driven by a passion for Hokkaido’s incomparable kombu and wakame, explores markets and maintains connections with suppliers nationwide. His tableware, mainly Karatsu Ware from Saga Prefecture, reflects an appreciation for earthy tones and functionality.

Sushidokoro Arima

Sushidokoro Arima, conveniently located near Susukino Station, specializes in seasonal seafood, predominantly sourced from Hokkaido. Head chef Masataka Arima employs skillful techniques to craft exquisite nigiri sushi, emphasizing ingredient utilization without waste. Consider the herring and shallot nigiri, showcasing the skin adorned with a diamond crosshatch pattern—a visual spectacle where silver skin delicately unveils the stunning pink flesh beneath. Other pieces feature diagonal parallel cuts, evoking the rippling waves of the fish’s origin. The restaurant’s popularity among tourists is evident in its acclaimed omakase course, starting at 10,800 yen, and its universally appealing nigiri sushi, characterized by slightly sweet rice supporting somewhat thick toppings. With a commendable Tabelog score of 4.2 and a Michelin star in 2017, Sushidokoro Arima stands as a sought-after sushi restaurant in Sapporo.

Ichijiku Sushi

Ichijiku Sushi, located near Susukino Station, features a calm environment with traditional Japanese design. Taste their authentic charcoal-grilled dishes, Edo-style tempura and sushi in this restaurant fit for solo travelers and groups of 20 or more by reservation, making it the go-to spot for special occasions, banquets or entertaining loved ones.


GastroPub SLOW DOWN serves fresh seafood such as Hokkaido venison and live oysters. Their diverse course menu, including the “Venison Oyster Greedy Plan” with all-you-can-drink options, ensures a delightful dining experience. The antique-themed interior offers a unified atmosphere, featuring a range of seating options from counter to sofa, suitable for various occasions. Their exquisite venison dishes, prepared exclusively with carefully processed deer under the age of 2, boast unparalleled flavor without the characteristic gaminess, making it a low-calorie and high-protein option. They also offer a carefully curated selection of over 100 world-class beverages, including beer, highballs, whiskey, gin, spirits, wine and cocktails, complementing the venison and oyster dishes seamlessly.

Osaru No Koshikake

Osaru No Koshikake serves approximately 10 types of sashimi, including Bafun sea urchin, hairy crab and premium tuna. They also serve seasonal Japanese and over 10 types of local sake to complement your dishes. The Sushi Plate, crafted from fresh sashimi sourced every morning, is perfect for special occasions, celebrations, and more and it features a variety of fresh seafood delivered directly from their partner markets. In addition to classic dishes like sashimi, their skilled chef can provide original creations starting from 500 yen (including tax). Their cozy sunken kotatsu seating, equipped with two tables, provides a relaxed atmosphere. With partitions available, it’s ideal for semi-private use.

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