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Top Secret Cherry Blossom Spots in Kyoto: Part 1

Everyone knows that Kyoto has many spots with beautiful cherry blossoms, but they are usually crowded. With an abundance of information, guides, blogs and books offering advice on where to visit or avoid, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the multitude of choices. If you are feeling inundated with options or simply crave serene spots for a tranquil stroll among the cherry blossoms, then this guide of the best secret cherry blossom spots is for you. You will surely be satisfied with this list of the top underrated cherry blossom spots loved by locals in Kyoto.

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Our recommendations

Photo by Japanexperterna.se

Yodogawa River Park Sewaritei Area

Yodogawa River Park Sewaritei Area is an amazing place to see cherry blossoms. It is over 2 km continuously planted with 250 lines of Yoshino Sakura trees. It is not only a place to take a walk, but also a perfect place for a picnic under the cherry blossoms, known as hanami. Just bring some foods and drinks and invite friends you made at The Millennials Kyoto to enjoy the cherry blossoms with.

Access: Take Keihan line to Yawata City Station and walk about 10 minutes

Photo by Vitorio Benedetti


Trust me, you should not miss the world heritage site To-ji if you want to see cherry blossoms in Kyoto. You can visit there in the daytime or in the evening since they hold a breathtaking light up events every evening during the cherry blossom season. We personally recommend visiting at night to enjoy the true beauty of the cherry blossoms.

Access: Take bus no. 207 from Kawaramachi-shijo bus stop to To-ji Higashimonzen Bus Stop

Photo by linshibi

Fushimi Jikkokufune

At Fushimi Jikkokufune you can do a small boat tour with Jikkokubune Canal Cruise seeing the cherry blossoms or simply walk along the river. This place is near the famous Fushimi-Inari Shrine and the Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum. We recommend visiting Fushimi-Inari in the morning, taking the boat to see the cherry blossoms, then going to the Sake Museum. Feel free to bring a bottle of sake back to the hotel after sightseeing. The most important thing to note is that compared to the major cherry blossom spots in Kyoto, this hidden gem is rarely crowded.

Access: Take Keihan Line to Chushojima Station and walk about 10 minutes

Photo by Anthony G. Reyes

Saga Toriimoto Area in Arashiyama

A number of tourists go to the Arashiyama area for beautiful cherry blossoms and the world-famous bamboo grove. But unfortunately they often miss the neighboring historical area called Saga Toriimoto, which is designated as a Cultural Preservation District by the State. Only a 15 minute walk from Arashiyama station, you can see the bamboo grove and peacefully beautiful traditional houses without being surrounded by selfie sticks. Definitely recommended for those who want to enjoy a lovely walk!

Access: Take bus no. 11 to Saga Shogakko-mae

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