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Top 10 Cafes in Sapporo: Part 1

In this two-part series, you will discover the top 10 cafes in Sapporo, each a haven for those seeking respite, rich aromas and a sip of something special. From quaint hideaways adorned with retro décor to modern spaces exuding contemporary charm, Sapporo’s cafe scene caters to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur, a tea enthusiast or someone craving delectable pastries, this carefully curated list promises the best cafes in Sapporo that capture the essence of the city.

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  1. allee cafe
  2. Ishida Coffee Store
  3. any cafe
  5. PATISSERIE salon byS
  6. Smooch Coffee Stand
  8. Small Things Coffee
  9. Mingus Coffee
  10. Tokei No Nai Kissaten

allee cafe

Nestled along Sapporo’s “Mini Odori” in the Kuwazono district, allee cafe on the ground floor of a condominium offers a quaint retreat where the aromas of freshly baked goods and rich coffee envelop visitors. This charming cafe, celebrated for its seasonal approach to sweets using fresh, local ingredients, has become a hotspot, especially among Instagram enthusiasts seeking both aesthetic and culinary delights. If you want to beat the crowds you should come early or avoid peak hours.

Ishida Coffee Store

Ishida Coffee Store, a beloved specialty coffee shop and cozy cafe renowned for its house-roasted beans, offers a delightful fusion of aromatic brews, delectable cakes, puddings and light meals. Situated near Hokkaido University, this establishment serves as both a coffee bean outlet and a welcoming cafe. The carefully selected beans, sourced from Sapporo and various regions in Japan, find their way into popular coffee blends enjoyed across the city, such as at Cafe Haruya in the UNTAPPED HOSTEL guesthouse. A must-try is the “Coffee and Milk Mix,” an exclusive creation using beans and sugar unique to Ishida Coffee Store, making it an ideal Sapporo souvenir. The sun-drenched cafe space is adorned with antique furniture, creating a serene atmosphere accompanied by piano melodies and the rhythmic sounds of measuring coffee beans. Perfect for a brief respite during your travels, Ishida Coffee Store is a charming stop when exploring the Hokkaido University vicinity.

any cafe

The sister shop of allee cafe, any cafe is also known for their seasonal goods, particularly their seasonal pancakes, which are quite Instagram-worthy. Cutting through the pancakes reveals a fluffy texture with a nice bounce, instantly melting in your mouth. Not just the monthly limited-time menus, but the staff’s excellent service and convenient location also make it a cafe worth revisiting. The interior, designed with attention to detail, exudes a stylish charm despite its cozy size. While it may get crowded during peak hours, finding a seat is generally smooth during off-peak times.


Photo by MIKI Yoshihito

In the charming Maruyama area of Sapporo, MORIHICO stands out as a beloved cafe celebrated for its diverse selection of home-roasted coffee blends and delectable homemade desserts. Housed in a beautifully renovated 70-year-old wooden house, the cafe exudes a cozy and nostalgic atmosphere, providing a perfect setting to indulge in specialty coffee or spend quality time with friends amidst antique furnishings. True to the owner’s vision of bringing “coffee & something” to patrons, MORIHICO is a well-known establishment that has been a staple in Sapporo for over two decades. With coffee beans roasted in-house, the cafe’s hand-drip brews carry a rich aroma, creating a warm and inviting haven for coffee enthusiasts. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this historic neighborhood and savor the unique offerings of this cafe, a hidden gem in the Maruyama Park area.


PATISSERIE salon byS offers a mix of Japanese chestnut Mont Blanc and seasonal fruits with their modestly sweet 100% Japanese chestnut Mont Blanc, giving patrons a chance to enjoy seasonally themed fruit parfaits. They are known for their tarts and croissants made with the prized “Betsukai Butter.” The drink menu boasts options such as byS blend coffee, single-origin roasted tea and organic herbal teas. To stay in the loop about their latest offerings, patrons can check out their Instagram.

Smooch Coffee Stand

Located along Nakajima Park in Sapporo, Smooch Coffee Stand officially opened its first coffee stand in 2013, infused with the essence of numerous coffee shops visited during travels across the American West Coast. Despite being in the city center, customers can relish the beauty of Hokkaido’s nature and seasons through the cafe’s windows. The interior, featuring furnishings directly imported from California, offers authentic hand-drip coffee, café lattes, American cookies and vintage & original goods. Monthly deliveries of fresh coffee beans from Santa Cruz, available for purchase, and takeaway drinks ensure a warm welcome for casual visits.


RITARU COFFEE in Sapporo’s Maruyama district is a contemporary coffee haven, renowned for its artisanal coffees with house-roasted beans and an array of delectable snacks and desserts. The philosophy behind the cafe is “The sole meaning of life is to live for others and enjoy a cup of coffee.” Embracing the spirit of altruism, the cafe provides a warm, two-floor space—its first floor dedicated to selling self-roasted coffee beans, and the second floor offering a relaxed cafe atmosphere. The cafe is known for its morning sets, including the generous “Maruyama Breakfast Set” and the complimentary “Half-Toast Morning Set” with any drink order. With ten original blends and various single-origin coffees, RITARU COFFEE invites customers to enjoy a blissful moment, surrounded by the enticing aroma, while taking in the scenic views of Sapporo’s distant mountains.

Small Things Coffee

Small Things Coffee‘s ambiance is carefully curated for small moments of happiness. Focusing on a sunny and open environment, the couple who own the cafe selected furniture, interiors, plants and books with care, aiming for a cafe where customers can experience happiness from everyday life. The cafe features original goods by one of the cafe owners The stylish interior accentuated by greenery enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the café.

Mingus Coffee

Located right near Sapporo’s Odori Park, you can find Mingus Coffee, a lively and vibrant cafe locally renowned for having one of the best coffees. The word of mouth about this place has spread widely. The perfectly balanced bitterness of their coffee has captured the hearts of regulars, making it a go-to spot for coffee enthusiasts in the area. The serene atmosphere of the building, constructed in the Showa era, and the convenience of the 7th-floor location, easily accessible by elevator, adds to the overall charm. The hospitality of the staff contributed to the feeling that Mingus Coffee embodies the best aspects of Sapporo’s coffee culture.

Tokei No Nai Kissaten

Tokei No Nai Kissaten is renowned for its in-house roasted beans. The cafe’s expertise was acknowledged with a slot at the prestigious COFFEE COLLECTION DISCOVER event in 2019, considered one of the world’s top coffee gatherings. Adding to its allure, the sweets are provided by Sapporo’s popular confectionery, Shimotsuki-do. The charming interior further captures the hearts of many, making it one of the most notable cafes currently in the spotlight in Sapporo.

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