2023-12-06 | Recommendations

Top 3 Halal Restaurants in Azabujuban

Japan, known for its traditional cuisine, has embraced the global demand for diverse culinary choices, and Azabujuban stands as a testament to this inclusivity. In the heart of Azabujuban, you can try the top Halal restaurants offering a fusion of Japanese and international flavors by following this guide, ensuring a delightful gastronomic experience. These establishments go beyond mere sustenance; they provide a cultural and culinary adventure that caters to the diverse needs of residents and visitors alike. Those with dietary restrictions or food enthusiasts eager to explore Halal variations, will find plenty of options near THE LIVELY TOKYO AZABUJUBAN.

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Asian Kebab

Asian Kebab, located conveniently near Roppongi Hills, stands out as a top choice for kebab enthusiasts in Tokyo. Offering the classic pita sandwich commonly found at food trucks across the city, Asian Kebab distinguishes itself through exceptional customer service and consistent taste and flavor across its various locations. Notably, the restaurant exclusively uses chicken in its kebabs, catering to those who adhere to a halal diet or prefer avoiding mixed meats. For a reasonable 500 yen, patrons can relish a generously filled pita sandwich teeming with meat, veggies and pickles. The customizable spice levels allow customers to tailor their experience, ranging from mild to fiery. Alternatively, the Kebab Don, a Japanese-style rice bowl with kebab meat, veggies and pickles, offers a heartier option for a mere 100 yen more than the sandwich. Asian Kebab’s standout feature is its excellent customer service, with a willingness to accommodate specific preferences, such as customized sauces or an abundance of pickles. The friendly staff contributes to a pleasant dining experience, engaging with customers in a welcoming manner. The Kebab Curry, priced at 700 yen, presents a Middle Eastern twist on the Japanese curry, combining kebab flavors for a uniquely spicy taste complemented by dill pickles.

Falafel Brothers Roppongi

Falafel Brothers, a vegan cuisine specialist originating from Israel, opened its first shop in Tokyo’s Roppongi district in 2017, gaining popularity among the younger demographic. The establishment, currently with three locations in Tokyo, embraces a new culinary culture that emphasizes delicious, enjoyable and healthy vegan offerings. The menu boasts items like burgers, pizzas and french fries, but the spotlight is on falafel – a dish made by blending soaked chickpeas with various herbs and frying the mixture in oil. Falafel, widely consumed in the Middle East, serves as a popular and healthy fast-food option. The menu includes a set featuring hummus, pita, salad and a drink priced at 800 yen. Hummus, a traditional Middle Eastern dish made from mashed chickpeas blended with ingredients like tahini, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice, is served as an appetizer with thin bread known as pita.

Zenobia Cafe

Opening in spring 2018, Zenobia Cafe offers shisha, or water pipe, where tobacco smoke is filtered through water, resulting in a milder flavor. The lunch plate features thin, crispy naan, distinct from the buttery variety found in Indian cuisine. Other dishes included a hummus-like item labeled as “mazza,” olives and pickles blend, and a shawarma roll sandwich. There are also various Arabic dishes like coppa (minced meat and nut croquettes), falafel (chickpea croquettes) and sambousa (cheese spring rolls), all prepared with halal meat. The restaurant features lively music, kind staff and exquisite flavors, offering an adventurous escape from the ordinary.

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