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Top 5 Art Galleries in Shibuya

Are you an art lover? The Millennials Shibuya provides a contemporary and innovative accommodation experience, perfectly mirroring the vibrant and creative spirit that defines Tokyo’s art scene in Shibuya Just steps away from this modern hub, discover many different artistic expressions within the vicinity. From avant-garde installations to classical masterpieces, you can explore the best art galleries in Shibuya near The Millennials Shibuya for a variety of visual art experiences. In this bustling neighborhood, art enthusiasts can immerse themselves in a spectrum of styles and genres, each gallery presenting a unique perspective on creativity. Whether you’re drawn to contemporary interpretations, traditional craftsmanship or experimental mediums, the galleries surrounding The Millennials Shibuya serve as portals into Tokyo’s rich cultural landscape.

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Gyre introduces a novel approach to shopping in Omotesando, embodying the concept of “shop & think.” The synergy between GYRE GALLERY and the atrium, spanning from B1F to 5F, is designed to evoke emotions and stimulate contemplation. Guided by the creative direction of art director Junji Tanigawa of JTQ, and the architectural vision of Yuichi Kodai and Thomas Hildebrand, based in Switzerland, GYRE GALLERY stands as a testament to innovative design. Rikako Nagashima contributed to the gallery’s distinctive logo. The dynamic exhibitions at GYRE GALLERY are meticulously curated by Kayoko Hirao of Hirao Inc. and independent curator Takayo Iida. Located on the 3rd floor, the gallery offers a captivating space for those with diverse and adventurous tastes. Comprising two rooms, it showcases a blend of traditional and contemporary art, spanning photography, installations, multimedia and design from both emerging talents and globally renowned artists. GYRE GALLERY serves as a cultural nexus, inviting visitors to explore the boundaries of artistic expression and engage in a thought-provoking journey.


Photo by mrhayata

Spiral stands as a dynamic multi-use building in Aoyama, Tokyo, designed by architect Fumihiko Maki and commissioned by lingerie company Wacoal, achieving completion in 1985. This architectural gem integrates various facilities, including exhibition spaces, a multipurpose hall, cafes, restaurants, bars, beauty salons and select shops. The distinctive feature of Spiral is its seemingly-floating spiral ramp, with a diameter of 15 meters, encircling the rear gallery space and ascending to the second floor. The exterior facade, crafted from aluminum and glass, mirrors the eclectic nature of the surrounding streetscape. Recognizing its architectural excellence, the American Institute of Architects awarded Spiral the R.S. Reynolds Memorial Award in 1987, and in 2012, the Japan Institute of Architects presented it with the JIA 25 Years Award.

hpgrp Gallery Tokyo

Founded in 2007, this contemporary art gallery operates under the auspices of H.P. France, showcasing artists who transcend genres and defy conventional perceptions, creating unique and distinctive worlds. The gallery maintains a prolific schedule, hosting exhibitions at a frequency of approximately one per month. Going beyond the confines of Japan, the gallery actively invites artists from around the world, organizing exhibitions and events at commercial facilities, thereby ensuring that the threshold of entering the gallery is low, while maintaining a high artistic quality. As an extension of H.P. France’s commitment to fostering opportunities for individuals to engage with art akin to enjoying fashion and music, this gallery plays a pivotal role in dismantling preconceived notions and welcoming diverse artistic expressions. By presenting a platform that appreciates the essence of individuality and artistic innovation, the gallery serves as a dynamic space where art seamlessly intertwines with various facets of contemporary culture. The gallery’s dedication to offering opportunities to encounter art in an approachable manner underscores its mission to make art an integral part of the broader cultural experience.


Pixiv WAEN GALLERY is a collaborative gallery operated by Pixiv, the creator platform boasting over 90 million registered users worldwide, and Twin Planet, renowned for its expertise in producing content focusing on Japanese culture in areas such as art, fashion, music and characters. Located in Omotesando, this gallery is dedicated to hosting exhibitions primarily featuring individual illustrators, providing a space for creators from various genres, including illustrators, manga artists, photographers, sculptors and fashion designers. In addition to exhibition spaces, the gallery plans to offer a variety of activities such as the sale of original goods, live drawing sessions, talk shows and autograph sessions, fostering interaction between illustrators and their fans. Pixiv WAEN GALLERY aims to serve as a catalyst for creators’ new endeavors, contribute to their challenges, and offer fans opportunities to discover a myriad of captivating artworks.


MAKI, originally established as SAKURADO FINE ARTS in 2003 and later rebranded, focuses on introducing and showcasing internationally acclaimed artists at the forefront of post-war and contemporary art. The gallery spotlights artists who consistently produce high-quality works, such as Mango Thomson, Miya Ando and Exonemo, with a particular emphasis on those active in the United States. Concurrently, MAKI dedicates efforts to nurturing young artists with promising talent from both Japan and abroad, fostering their development for the future. In addition to the Omotesando gallery opened in 2014, MAKI expanded its footprint in 2020 with new spaces at the TERRADA Art Complex I & II in Tennozu. These spaces, complemented by the main showcase of the MAKI Collection, feature gallery areas hosting a variety of exhibitions, including solo and permanent exhibitions throughout the year. Since its inception, MAKI has played a crucial role in presenting the contemporary expressions that inherit the infinite creativity of humanity, always innovative and original, influenced by the avant-garde art scene post-World War II. The gallery continues to disseminate this theme through exhibitions and art fairs, aiming to preserve these expressions for the future.

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