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Top 5 Ramen Restaurants in Shibuya: Part 2

In part two of the top ramen restaurants in Shibuya near The Millennials Shibuya we uncover more hidden gems and iconic ramen establishments that beckon locals and visitors alike. Dive into the heart of Shibuya, where ramen culture thrives, and discover the diverse flavors that define this vibrant culinary landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned ramen connoisseur or a first-time noodle adventurer, these ramen restaurants are sure to offer a delectable feast for your senses. During your stay at The Millennials Shibuya, engage your tastebuds by visiting these delicious ramen shops that will satisfy any hungry customer.

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Kamitoku Ramen‘s journey began in 1949 in Akasakicho, Tottori Prefecture, and has continued its legacy through unwavering traditions, providing beef bone ramen since around 1952. Nestled in the heart of Shibuya, Kamitoku stands as a ramen haven, boasting a unique culinary offering that sets it apart in the ramen landscape. What defines Kamitoku’s signature bowl is the masterful use of beef bones, a rarity in the ramen realm. The resulting broth, reminiscent of pho but with a more robust beef bone flavor, is surprisingly light and delicate. Infused with usukuchi shoyu, or light soy sauce, and a generous dash of black pepper, the broth achieves a perfect balance of savory richness. The toppings contribute to a symphony of textures and flavors. Mizuna, negi, and bean sprouts offer a satisfying crunch, while seaweed, bamboo shoots and a slab of pork chashu add depth to the bowl. Kamitoku’s commitment to the beef bone stock remains unwavering across their diverse menu, ensuring a consistently flavorful experience.

Menya Imamura

Kenya Imamura’s Menya Imamura in Tokyo stands as a testament to the artistry of ramen. Offering a choice between shoyu (soy sauce) and shio (salt) bases, simplicity is the key to satisfaction. The rich broth, a blend of creamy tori paitan from chicken bones and a hint of bitterness from dried sardines (niboshi), captivates with its depth of flavor. Grilled charcoal-infused chicken slices, fresh onions and tomatoes add layers to the culinary experience. Imamura’s journey in the ramen business began at 18, and after 25 years of learning, Menya Imamura opened in 2016. Aiming for a design reflecting wa (Japanese style), the restaurant embraces the history of a former yakitori joint, offering a robust chicken broth with dried sardines. Imamura introduces innovative accompaniments, such as lemon-flavored ginger and oil-marinated mushrooms, challenging the monotony of traditional ramen. He encourages patrons to experiment with these halfway through the meal, providing a burst of diverse flavors. Each bowl is presented as a work of art on a tray, showcasing meticulous attention to detail. Despite the lack of information about ingredient sources, Imamura’s refusal to disclose his kodawari (fussiest details) challenges patrons to judge solely based on taste. The restaurant’s off-menu surprises, like the chicken-shrimp tsukemen with a toasted baguette, add an element of customizability and excitement. Word of mouth among regulars attests to Menya Imamura’s success in delivering a unique and fulfilling ramen experience. As patrons savor the last bite, Imamura’s dedication to simplicity and surprise elevates ramen to an art form, leaving an indelible mark on their culinary journey.

Ramen Yoshushounin

The cuisine offered by Ramen Yoshushounin, aiming to convey the excellence of Chinese cuisine, ranges from ramen to xiaolongbao and other signature dishes, all meticulously reproducing the authentic flavors of Yangzhou. The wontons are springy, and the black vinegar fried rice has a mild flavor, making it a good dish to eat with alcohol. Many people come after clubbing around 5 a.m., so it starts to get crowded around that time. The menu is extensive, and with various noodle options with Szechuan Tantanmen the most popular menu item.

Tokyo Abura Soba Shibuya branch

Tokyo Aburagumi Sohoten, also known as Tokyo Abura Soba, serves as the gateway to many enthusiasts’ addiction to abura soba, a brothless ramen. Priced at 880 yen for the W (double) serving of Abura Soba and an additional 180 yen for Topping A (green onions, sesame seeds, half-boiled egg), the dish exudes a delightful junk food vibe. The must-try half-boiled egg enhances the creaminess when mixed thoroughly. The tableside condiments include diced onions, providing a refreshing accent. The thick noodles are recommended to be paired with varying amounts of vinegar and chili oil based on personal preference. Whether opting for regular, large or double servings, the prices remain consistent. Abura soba, despite its oily appearance due to chili oil, is balanced by the addition of vinegar, preventing it from becoming overly greasy. The generous toppings include shredded seaweed, green onions, menma (fermented bamboo shoots), thinly sliced char siu and sesame seeds, contributing to the dish’s rich texture and flavors.

Oreryu Shio Ramen

Crafted by the skilled hands of ramen maestro Kobayashi, the ramen chain Oreyu Shio Ramen offers a delightful journey through diverse ramen styles. With a decade of ramen expertise, Kobayashi has honed his skills to perfection, experimenting with Hokkaido, Yokohama Iekei, Kyushu and salt ramen varieties. Oreryu Shio-Ramen offers English menus, ensuring a warm welcome for ramen enthusiasts exploring Tokyo’s vibrant food scene. The signature “My Own Style Salt Ramen,” slow-cooked with an abundance of chicken bones and green onions, promises a delightful blend of umami and sweetness. For those seeking a unique twist, the “My Own Style Matured Salt Ramen,” pressure-cooked for swift perfection, surprises with its deceptive appearance resembling soy milk. While the menu boasts classic Shio Ramen, the adventurous can indulge in innovative options like the heavenly fusion of cheese and ramen. We recommend visiting the Shibuya Center Street Store or Main Store in Shibuya.

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