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Top 9 Cafes in Sapporo: Part 2

Continue your exploration of the enchanting cafe culture in the heart of Sapporo as you follow part two our guide to the best cafes in Sapporo. This article introduces you to more hidden gems in Sapporo where you can enjoy the calm atmosphere of a cafe while enjoying a warm beverage. Sapporo’s cafe scene offers a diverse palette for every discerning visitor. Whether you seek a quiet spot to read, catch up with friends or simply indulge in the finest beverages and treats, you will find a cafe you will enjoy in this list of the top cafes in Sapporo that each have their own comfortable and unique ambience.

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  1. Cafe Nagayama Rest 
  2. sabita
  3. tailor Sapporo
  4. Pf Sato
  5. Initial Sapporo
  6. Parfaiteria bel
  7. Bar Penguin-dou
  8. Parfait, Coffee, Liquor, Sasaki
  9. Gelateria Cremerice

Cafe Nagayama Rest 

Cafe Nagayama Rest is located within the Former Nagayama Takeshiro Residence and Former Mitsubishi Mining Company Dormitory, a designated Hokkaido tangible cultural property. At this cafe, you can relax in a calm, historically rich ambiance while enjoying meals and sweets in a modern Showa-era building. The first floor houses Nagayama Rest, featuring a History Room with descriptions of the history of the building. The second-floor Japanese-style room is ideal for meetings and events. Indulge in the recommended dessert, Pudding à la Mode, known as Nagayama Parfait, a delightful combination of pudding, ice cream and various fruits with layers of dango, warabi mochi, shiratama and granola for diverse tastes and textures.


sabita has a calm atmosphere where the first floor features dishes, clothing and even bear-shaped senbei on-sale. The second floor serves as a cozy café. The predominantly white interior creates a soothing ambiance. The overall atmosphere of the lovely shop is delightful and they occasionally host exhibitions featuring ceramics and more, adding to the joy of visiting with each season.

tailor sapporo

Known for its stylish ambiance and delightful homemade sweets, tailor sapporo features a stylish interior and remains popular among a predominantly female clientele. It is known for the Tailor Special Plate, which boasts a trio of delights featuring Lemon Cake, Gâteau au Chocolat and Berry-Pistachio Cassata. The Lemon Cake offers a refreshing, simple taste, while the Gâteau au Chocolat features rich chocolate and light whipped cream. The Berry-Pistachio Cassata provides a crunchy, ice confection-like experience with a delightful mix of ricotta cheese and cream.

Parfait, Coffee, Liquor, Sato

Savor meticulously handcrafted delights at Parfait, Coffee, Liquor, Sato, a cafe-bar in the charming back alleys of Tanuki Koji, Sapporo. Known for its artisanal parfait, this establishment has become a local specialty in Sapporo. From soft ice cream, ice cream, sorbet, mousse to cakes, everything is crafted with utmost care, featuring flavors like chocolate and mango, salted caramel and pistachio, beans, plums and hojicha, and a seasonal fruit parfait among the standard offerings. The seasonal fruit sorbet and fruits change with the bounty of each season. Pair your choice of drink, whether it be Nell Drip coffee or one of the thoughtfully selected alcoholic beverages that complement the parfaits, and relish the unique taste of Parfait, Coffee, Liquor, Sato.

Initial Sapporo

Located on Tanuki Koji in Sapporo, Initial Sapporo is a popular cafe, particularly famous for its locally originated “Shime Parfait.” The signature parfait is known for its sophisticated sweetness, making it enjoyable even for adults and those not fond of overly sweet treats. It features innovative parfaits incorporating seasonal fresh fruits. In addition to parfaits, the menu includes rich and sharp Hokkaido milk soft cream and a variety of drinks such as unique cocktails and herb Teas. The cafe’s interior is a blend of retro and modern aesthetics, illuminated by warm light from Edison lamps. Initial Sapporo offers a welcoming and calm atmosphere. It’s a space where you can savor distinctive parfaits, delightful fruit sandwiches and quality coffee in a sleek and industrial-inspired setting.

Parfaiteria bel

Parfaiteria bel is the go-to place for indulging in after-drinks parfait delights. With seasonal menus that change regularly, they offer a unique experience with each visit. Please note that operating hours may be subject to changes due to emergency declarations, so for the latest updates, refer to their Instagram page. Renowned as the birthplace of nighttime parfaits, you’ll find this gem along National Route 36. Additionally, on the ground floor of the same building, there’s the well-known cake shop, pâtisserie OKASHI GAKU. Parfaiteria Bel is a dessert haven, celebrated for its delectable offerings like Pistachio and Praline, Chestnut, and more. Locals adore the delightful combination of visual and gastronomic pleasure that their parfaits bring.

Bar Penguin-dou

Bar Penguin-dou is a delightful dessert haven that offers an impressive selection of parfaits and a diverse list of alcoholic beverages. The champagne sherbet stands out as an absolute essential on the drink menu. Bar Penguin-dou distinguishes itself by delivering the finest soft serve ice cream in Sapporo. The establishment transitions from a soft-serve parlor starting at 12:30 p.m. during the day to a cozy bar in the evenings. Embracing the best of both worlds, they combine sweet cream soft cream with artisanal gelato featuring seasonal flavors.

Parfait, Coffee, Liquor, Sasaki

Parfait, Coffee, Liquor, Sasaki aims to create ice creams and sorbets that offer a distinct parfait experience from Parfait, Coffee, Liquor, Sato. Diverging from Parfait, Coffee, Liquor, Sato, Parfait, Coffee, Liquor, Sasaki presents a parfait dedicated to a rich chocolate experience, featuring French chocolate generously used in ice creams, mousses and more.

Gelateria Cremerice

Gelateria Cremerice is a gelato shop with a modern touch offers unique flavors, seasonal fruit sorbet, espresso and bench seating. The owner, who trained at “Gelateria Date Strawberry Farm” in Tochigi Prefecture in 2014, where they traveled to gelato shops in Italy and across Japan, opened the shop in Sapporo in 2016. Gelateria Cremerice emphasizes carefully selected ingredients and bases. It also operates as a coffee and gelato shop, delighting customers with a complimentary tasting spoon. The shop has three parking spaces in front, mostly catering to takeout, but there is a small eat-in area inside. With 16 flavors available, including not only chocolate and milk but also a variety of winter fruit options, customers can enjoy a double scoop for 500 yen, featuring milk and strawberry sorbet or opt for a triple scoop for 550 yen, including strawberry, pear and white peach sorbet. The gelato is praised for its rich and delightful flavors.

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