UNWIND GALLERY Presents: ‘Various Points of View’ by Mai Kuwahara – Celebrating Hokkaido’s Summer

“UNWIND HOTEL & BAR OTARU” considers the hotel as a hub for culture and information, showcasing the charm of Hokkaido from a unique perspective. Utilizing a fantastical space created by renovating a historic building with a modern touch, “UNWIND GALLERY” was established in November 2022 to display artworks, mainly from artists related to Hokkaido. Embracing the concept of “Classic Contemporary,” the gallery focuses on contemporary art and is open to the public for free, aiming to be enjoyed by local residents and featured in local media and fashion magazines.

The eighth exhibition features the works of Hokkaido-born artist D[di:] Mai Kuwahara, who paints stories, poems, and picture books using oil painting and mixed media techniques. Enjoy D[di:]’s captivating summer scenes in the magical space of UNWIND HOTEL & BAR OTARU.

“The Continuation of the Story: series – various points of view” by D[di:]

This exhibition showcases nine pieces featuring motifs of beautiful skies, clouds, forests, and groves. Seven new works, expressing “a story that continues even if the chronology is jumbled,” will be displayed for the first time. Additionally, the debut work “Fantastic Silent,” initially featured as a poster, will be publicly exhibited for the first time.

The artworks, depicting the most beautiful season in Hokkaido, are framed by Atsuo Shimada, a master of Swedish furniture and marquetry from Tōbetsu, Hokkaido. Enjoy the comfort of summer captured in D[di:]’s works, presented through mixed media techniques that combine various materials and elements, in the nostalgic architectural beauty of UNWIND HOTEL & BAR OTARU.

Comment from D[di:]

“It’s been four years since I returned to Hokkaido. During this time, I’ve experienced many emotions, realizing the importance of continuously focusing on what I find beautiful in this world where assumed truths can be contrary. The story I started in Tokyo continues in my mind and will do so in the future, seen from various perspectives, whether human, animal, bird, or extraterrestrial. Drawing ‘what captivates me’ from the viewpoint of ‘something other than myself.’ I’m grateful to hold this exhibition during Hokkaido’s most scenic and deliciously enjoyable season. I look forward to welcoming you in Otaru.”

Profile of D[di:]

Born in Hokkaido, D[di:] is an artist and writer engaged in crossover creations across art, fashion, novels, manga, picture books, and lifestyle goods design. She hosted a late-night radio show on JFN for four years. Debuted in 2000 with the visual book “Fantastic Silent,” receiving praise from renowned figures including director Hayao Miyazaki.

Exhibition Details

  • Title: Series – Various Points of View
  • Exhibition Period: June 2, 2024 – August 30, 2024
  • Admission: Free Open daily from 7:00 AM to 12:00 AM for the enjoyment of the public.

Artist’s Presence Dates:

  • July 18 (Thu): 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
  • August 10 (Sat): 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
  • August 11 (Sun): 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Subsequent dates will be announced on the hotel’s official Instagram

Exhibition Pairing Cocktail:

The UNWIND GALLERY extends into the hotel’s bar, “Bar Ignis Otaru.” In conjunction with the exhibition, a pairing cocktail “Otaru Ushio-Matsuri” will be available. This Japanese-style gin and tonic combines the sweetness and floral aroma of Hokkaido’s sake “Kamikawa Taisetsu” with the refreshing zest of fresh lime. Enjoy the enchanting summer scenery depicted by D[di:] along with the cool Hokkaido summer.

Otaru Ushio-Matsuri Cocktail: ¥1,400 (tax included)

Bar Ignis Otaru

  • Location: UNWIND HOTEL & BAR OTARU, 1st Floor
  • Hours: Open year-round, 7:30 PM – 11:30 PM (Last Order 11:00 PM)

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