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BEER INN Mugishutei: Explore 300 Beers from Around the World at Japan’s Oldest Beer Bar

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Today, we are excited to introduce “BEER INN Mugishutei,” a long-established beer bar founded in 1980.

Renowned as the oldest existing beer bar in Japan, BEER INN Mugishutei offers an impressive selection of around 300 types of canned and bottled beers from around the world, along with six varieties of draft beer available at all times.

The legendary owner, Fred Kaufman, is credited with introducing craft beer culture to Japan. Although Fred was not present on the day of our visit, he graciously provided a photo for us to share.

▲ Fred, with his Santa Claus-like beard, is a friendly gentleman.

This photo, featuring Fred on a New Year’s card, was sent to us by a loyal customer of Mugishutei. Fred is cherished not only by visitors but also by the staff!

At Mugishutei, you can enjoy a wide selection of beers from around the world, personally sourced by Fred himself. Additionally, the bar offers a food menu thoughtfully curated to pair perfectly with the diverse beer selection.

As soon as you step into the bar, you’re greeted by walls lined with an impressive array of bottles and cans. The sight is so breathtaking that it evokes an immediate “Wow.”

If you glance upward, you’ll notice that it’s not just the walls, but even the ceiling that is densely covered with empty cans, creating a unique and captivating ambiance.

Moreover, in the giant showcase, beers from around the world are meticulously packed and abundantly displayed, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the diverse selection available at BEER INN Mugishutei.

With such an extensive array of options available, selecting your first drink can indeed pose quite the challenge. However, fret not—feel free to seek recommendations from our attentive staff!

Whether you’re craving a brew with a robust malt aroma, a fruity concoction, or have a specific flavor profile in mind, our knowledgeable staff, well-versed in our diverse selection, will gladly guide you towards the perfect choice.

At BEER INN Mugishutei, both beer enthusiasts and those less acquainted with beer can feel at ease, assured of an enjoyable experience!

Furthermore, our bar attracts a diverse clientele, including many international visitors. Some come to savor the distinctive flavors of Japanese beers, while others find delight in sampling brews from their home countries right here at Mugishutei.


The beer recommended to us this time is GHOST COAST from RUSE BREWING.

This refreshing brew boasts a delightful citrus aroma and a clean, crisp taste that is sure to tantalize your taste buds. It pairs exquisitely with hearty meat dishes, making it a perfect accompaniment to your meal.

For the ultimate culinary experience, we recommend pairing GHOST COAST with our popular San Diego Burger or our mouthwatering Buffalo Chicken Wings. These delectable dishes are sure to elevate your enjoyment of this exceptional beer.

▲ Buffalo Chicken Wings

These wings have a robust tanginess and a punchy spiciness that makes them irresistible.

▲ San Diego Burger

A thick, juicy patty is sandwiched in this burger, accompanied by spicy chili beans, fries, and coleslaw.

The food menu is extensive, featuring items like pizza, cheese, sausages, and tacos, making it a great choice whether you’re looking for a hearty meal or a light snack.

You can either pair your beer with the food you want to eat or choose your food based on the beer you want to drink, offering various ways to enjoy your visit.

And there are also original bottled beers with unique names produced and curated by the owner, Fred Kaufman.

▲ EZO-BEER – Original bottled beer.

Among the selection, the third bottle from the left, YAKEZAKE BEER, stands out as a unique brew with a potent alcohol content of 10%. Crafted in response to the consumption tax hike to 10%, this beer is hailed as the perfect remedy for those moments when life’s challenges weigh heavily on your shoulders, and you simply need to unwind with a drink!

Moreover, BEER INN Mugishutei offers a variety of other original beers, including ones adorned with Fred’s caricature and brews made with soba, each reflecting the unique personality of the legendary owner, Fred.

Known for their warm hospitality, both Fred and the staff create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, making BEER INN Mugishutei an ideal destination for solo visitors seeking a friendly ambiance.

Conveniently located just a 5-minute stroll from UNWIND HOTEL & BAR Sapporo, BEER INN Mugishutei welcomes both seasoned beer enthusiasts and novices alike.

When you visit UNWIND HOTEL & BAR SAPPORO, don’t miss the opportunity to experience the charm of BEER INN Mugishutei!

BEER INN Mugishutei
Address: B1F Yoshia Building, Nishi 5-jo Minami 9-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Hours: 7:00 PM – 3:00 AM
Phone: 011-512-4774
Tabelog: Link

Here is the access to the store. Click to view the Google Maps route guidance: Access to BEER INN Mugishutei

Facility Overview:

  • Address: 289-111 minami8jo,nishi5cho-me,cyuoku,sapporoshi,hokkaido
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