2023-10-05 | Hotel Plans

Work and Play at the Same Time in Okinawa: Introducing Social Workation!

Created last summer, this unique type of work and vacation experience was created in collaboration with SOCIAL APARTMENT, the leading provider of shared accommodations in Japan. Similar to the ambience of social apartments, social workation allows guests to interact with new people in a friendly and spacious environment.

Participants of the social workation program stay for one week in the top resort destination in Japan while taking advantage of all amenities and spaces available at ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA, including the community lounge, working lounge, 1st floor restaurant and lounge and outdoor terrace. As a popular resort destination, guests can balance work and fun by experiencing the local area in their free time.

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Perks of Social Workation

You can enjoy the same rooms, amenities and services as regular hotel guests. In addition to the working and community lounges, you can also work in your room. Your standard single room, although compact at 12 ㎡, feels spacious and is equipped with a 120 cm wide comfortable Serta semi-double bed and a 50cm long desk that is large enough to work with your laptop and documents spread out.

In addition, the two-week period of the program is convenient for those who need to readjust their work schedules. While one week or one weekend may not be enough and three weeks may be too difficult, two weeks is the perfect length of time to schedule a workation.

Since this is a tour-type program, all participants start on the same day. On the first day, the hotel will host an orientation and ice-breaker event to get participants to mingle. With a maximum of 25 participants, you will be able to network with a wide range of people and make lifelong friends and colleagues.

In addition, two breakfasts are included in the package, including the popular Dutch pancakes and sandwiches. Free beer time is also offered daily in the lounge in the evening. Enjoy a beer at the end of the workday or a break from work while chatting with other Social Workation guests, regular overnight guests and staff.

ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA provides a place to relax, unwind and rejuvenate while offering the same social and community aspects of Social Apartments. The dedicated community lounge, working lounge and first floor lounge provide plentiful opportunities to work and network with other participants of the program. It is designed to make your stay productive while also offering plenty of opportunities to unwind. All of our common areas are equipped with wifi, so you can work in a variety of locations depending on your mood.

The lounge on the first floor, which can also be used as a restaurant or bar, is available for you to use as a working space. This is the perfect place for those who want to work in a lively café-like space with white noise. Non-guests can use the space by registering as users of the “.andwork” coworking service.

October in Okinawa is the perfect season for sightseeing with less rain and more sunny days, but also less heat and humidity than in August, making it easier to make plans for travel and road trips.

The high water temperature also means that marine sports such as swimming and diving, which are typical activities in Okinawa, can continue to be enjoyed in the autumn, making October the best season to enjoy Okinawa to the fullest. Why not take this opportunity to make unforgettable memories, network with like-minded people and remain productive at work by participating in the two-week Social Workation program?

If you’re interested doing a SOCIAL WORKATION in Okinawa, visit our special website here: https://www.social-workation.com/

Experience Okinawa like never before at our urban resort hotel. Within walking distance to Kokusai Street, and just 5-min from Miebashi monorail station, which links to Naha Airport.

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